Gnomon Training - Anatomy Workshop Volume Three
Skeletal Structure, Mechanics and Proportion with Charles Hu

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In this human anatomy tutorial series titled Skeletal Structure, Mechanics and Proportion, instructor Charles Hu will break down the human skeletal system in terms of how it relates to drawing a dynamic figure. Starting with basic proportion and structure, Charles breaks down the human skeleton into 9 primary structures: the head, shoulder, rib cage, spine, pelvis, arms, legs, hands and feet. He breaks down the primary landmarks and planes of each structure and identifies features on specific bs important to the mechanics and motion. Charles also discusses the skeletal mechanics of each structure to provide the mechanical understanding of the system in order to achieve more realistic and dynamic figure drawings.

Topics Covered:

Skeletal Structure
Skeletal Landmarks
Human Skull
Shoulder Girdle
Mechanics of Motion
Pelvis Structure
Forearm and Wrist
Skeletal Planes
B Features
Elbow and Knee Joints


Overview of the Human Skeletal System
Skeletal Features of the Human Skull
Shoulder, Sternum, and Rib Cage
Skeletal Features of the Human Arm
The Human Pelvis
Skeletal Features of the Human Leg

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