Getting Rich with eBooks 3.0 by Vic Johnson | 5.49 GB
Earn passive income from eBooks
8 videos + 1 bonus disc with some bonus resources (mp3s, videos, pdfs)

If you're sick and tired of all those 'make-money' offers promising everything under the sun... but promoted by no-name "experts" who haven't made a nickel themselves... Here's something refreshingly different from someone who has and who will help you...

"Discover How to Turn Your Hobby or Passion (or Any Idea for that Matter) Into a Simple eBook That Floods Your Bank Account With Cash 24 Hours a Day Automatically..."
My friend David made $108,142 in one day with his eBook!

A 74-year-old Florida grandmother has sold more than 210,000 copies of her eBook

A teen skateboarder makes almost $300 a DAY from the eBook he created when he couldn't find the help he wanted

A simple eBook launched me on the way to a seven-figure business and I'm going to show you step-by-step how to do the same thing.
"Announcing The First A-Z "eBook How-To" Workshop-in-a-Box That Almost Anyone Can Use to Create Your Own 24/7 Cash-Spitting Internet Money Machine"

Even if...You flunked high school English and have never written anything in your life (and don't want to)
Even if...The Economy is upside down and in the tank (I actually launched my first eBook in the middle of the last Recession and it helped me earn six-figures the first year)
Even if...You're technically challenged and don't know the difference between a bit and a byte
Even if...You're cash-strapped and don't have much to invest
Even don't have a clue about what your eBook would be about
Even if...You only have an hour a day (or less)

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