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Gambit Publications Ltd is a dedicated chess publishing company, whose aim is to produce a select range of quality chess books aimed at players of all levels. The company has been founded by three chess players and editors, Grandmasters John Nunn and Murray Chandler, and FM Graham Burgess.

Chess for Children (Chandler & Milligan) hardback
64 Things You Need to Know in Chess (Walker) – o/print in the UK
How to Beat Your Dad at Chess (Chandler) hardback
Chess Openings for Kids (Watson & Burgess) hardback
Chess Tactics for Kids (Chandler) hardback
Chess Training for Budding Champions (Hall)
Learn Chess (Nunn)
Learn Chess Tactics (Nunn)
The Most Valuable Skills in Chess (Ashley)

50 Essential Chess Lessons (Giddins)
50 Ways to Win at Chess (Giddins)
101 Chess Questions Answered (Giddins)
101 Winning Chess Strategies (Dunnington)
The Art of Attacking Chess (Franco)
Chess for Zebras (Rowson)
Chess Recipes from the Grandmaster’s Kitchen (Beim)
Chess Self-Improvement (Franco)
Chess Strategy in Action (Watson)
A Course in Chess Tactics (Bojkov & Georgiev)
Creative Chess Strategy (Romero)
Decision-Making at the Chessboard (Eingorn)
Dynamic Pawn Play in Chess (Marović)
Elements of Chess Strategy (Kosikov)
Essential Chess Sacrifices (LeMoir)
Foundations of Chess Strategy (LB Hansen)
Grandmaster Chess Move by Move (Nunn)
The Grandmaster’s Mind (Avni)
Grandmaster Secrets: Counter-Attack! (Franco)
Grandmaster Secrets: Winning Quickly at Chess (Nunn)
How Chess Games are Won and Lost (LB Hansen)
How to Become a Deadly Chess Tactician (LeMoir)
How to be Lucky in Chess (LeMoir)
How to Calculate Chess Tactics (Beim)
How to Crush Your Chess Opponents (Williams)
How to Defend in Chess (Crouch)
How to Play Dynamic Chess (Beim)
How to Use Computers to Improve Your Chess (Kongsted)
Improve Your Chess – by Learning from the Champions (Hansen)
Improve Your Positional Chess (C Hansen)
Modern Chess Analysis (Smith)
Modern Chess Planning (Grivas)
S.T.A.R. Chess (Motwani) – out of print in the UK
Secrets of Attacking Chess (Marin)
Secrets of Chess Defence (Marin) – out of print in USA
Secrets of Chess Transformations (Marović)
Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy (Watson)
Secrets of Positional Chess (Marović)
Secrets of Practical Chess (new enlarged edition) (Nunn)
The Seven Deadly Chess Sins (Rowson)
Test Your Chess (Pedersen)
Ultimate Chess Strategy Book vol.1 (Romero/Gonzalez de la Nava)
Understanding Chess Middlegames (Nunn)
Understanding Chess Move by Move (Nunn)
Understanding Pawn Play in Chess (Marović)
Understanding Your Chess (Rizzitano)
Winning Chess Explained (Franco)

101 Chess Opening Traps (Giddins)
Beating the Fianchetto Defences (Grivas)
Creative Chess Opening Preparation (Eingorn)
FCO: Fundamental Chess Openings (van der Sterren)
How to Beat 1 d4 (Rizzitano) – out of print in the UK
How to Build Your Chess Opening Repertoire (Giddins)
A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire – new enlarged edition (Summerscale & Johnsen)
Mastering the Chess Openings vol. 1 (Watson)
Mastering the Chess Openings vol. 2 (Watson)
Mastering the Chess Openings vol. 3 (Watson)
Mastering the Chess Openings vol. 4 (Watson)
Play the Open Games as Black (Emms)
The System: A World Champion’s Approach to Chess (Berliner)
Understanding the Chess Openings (Collins)

Anti-Sicilians: a Guide for Black (Rogozenko)
Chess Explained: The c3 Sicilian (Collins)
Chess Explained: The Classical Sicilian (Yermolinsky)
Chess Explained: The English Opening (Franco)
Chess Explained: The French (Eingorn & Bogdanov)
Chess Explained: The Grünfeld (Bogdanov)
Chess Explained: The Main-Line Slav (Vigorito)
Chess Explained: The Meran Semi-Slav (Vera)
Chess Explained: The Modern Benoni (Franco)
Chess Explained: The Nimzo-Indian (Vera)
Chess Explained: The Queen’s Gambit Declined (Rizzitano)
Chess Explained: The Queen’s Indian (Wells)
Chess Explained: The Taimanov Sicilian (Rizzitano)
A Complete Guide to the Grivas Sicilian (Grivas)
The Complete Sveshnikov Sicilian (Yakovich)
The Dynamic English (Kosten)
The English Attack (Sammalvuo)
French: Advance and Other Lines (Pedersen)
The French: Tarrasch Variation (Pedersen)
The Gambit Guide to the Bogo-Indian (Pedersen) – out of print in USA
Grandmaster Secrets: The Caro-Kann (Wells)
King's Indian & Grünfeld: Fianchetto Lines (Janjgava)
The Main Line French: 3 Nc3 (Pedersen)
Mastering the Najdorf (Arizmendi & Moreno)
The Meran System (Pedersen) – out of print in UK
The Nimzo-Indian: 4 e3 (C Hansen)
The Petroff (Janjgava)
Play the 4 f3 Nimzo-Indian (Yakovich)
Play the Alekhine (Bogdanov)
Play the Najdorf Sicilian (Rizzitano)
The Queen’s Gambit & Catalan for Black (Janjgava)
The Queen’s Indian (Yrjölä & Tella)
The Ruy Lopez: A Guide for Black (Johnsen & Johannessen)
The Sicilian Sozin (Golubev)
The Slav (Burgess)
Understanding the Leningrad Dutch (Beim) – out of print in UK
Understanding the Marshall Attack (Vigorito)
Win with the London System (Johnsen & Kovačević)
Win with the Stonewall Dutch (Johnsen, Bern & Agdestein)

101 Chess Endgame Tips (Giddins)
365 Ways to Checkmate (Gallagher)
1001 Deadly Checkmates (Nunn)
Beat the Grandmasters (Kongsted)
Chess Endgame Training (Rosen)
Chess Endings Made Simple (Snape)
Endgame Challenge (Nunn)
Fundamental Chess Endings (Müller & Lamprecht)
The Gambit Book of Instructive Chess Puzzles (Burgess)
The Giant Chess Puzzle Book (Franco)
How to Play Chess Endgames (Müller & Pajeken)
Improve Your Attacking Chess (Williams)
John Nunn’s Chess Puzzle Book – new enlarged edition (Nunn)
Jon Speelman’s Chess Puzzle Book (Speelman)
The Most Amazing Chess Moves of All Time (Emms)
Nunn's Chess Endings volume 1 (Nunn)
Nunn's Chess Endings volume 2 (Nunn)
Perfect Your Chess (Volokitin & Grabinsky)
Secrets of Chess Endgame Strategy (LB Hansen)
Secrets of Pawn Endings (Müller & Lamprecht)
Secrets of Pawnless Endings (Nunn) – out of print in USA
Secrets of Rook Endings (Nunn)
Solving in Style (Nunn)
The Survival Guide to Rook Endings (Emms)
The Ultimate Chess Puzzle Book (Emms)
Understanding Chess Endgames (Nunn)

Chess Champion from China (Xie Jun)
Chess College 1: Strategy (Grivas)
Chess College 2: Pawn Play (Grivas)
Chess College 3: Technique (Grivas)
101 Attacking Ideas in Chess (Gallagher)
101 Brilliant Chess Miniatures (Nunn)
101 Chess Opening Surprises (Burgess)
The Botvinnik Semi-Slav (Pedersen)
The Cambridge Springs (Panczyk & Ilczuk)
An Explosive Chess Opening Repertoire for Black (Yrjölä & Tella)
The Gambit Guide to the Benko Gambit (Pedersen)
The Gambit Guide to the English Opening: 1...e5 (C Hansen)
The Gambit Guide to the Modern Benoni (Watson)
The Gambit Guide to the Torre Attack (Burgess)
Lessons in Chess Strategy (Beim)
Play the 2 c3 Sicilian (Rozentalis & Harley)
Play the Classical Dutch (Williams)
Play the Sicilian Dragon (Dearing)
The Road to Chess Improvement (Yermolinsky)
Secrets of Chess Intuition (Beliavsky & Mikhalchishin)
Storming the Barricades (Christiansen)
The Symmetrical English (C Hansen)
The Taimanov Sicilian (Burgess)
Understanding the Grünfeld (Rowson)
Understanding the King’s Indian (Golubev)

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