Explorations Beyond The Body and Intensive Training System
English | Steve G. Jones 2010 | Audio CD in MP3 / 128Kbps ( 30 MP3s, 2 ebooks – PDF ) | 2.6 GB

Explore other cities and countries in an instant. But why stop there? Explore other planets and worlds unknown to mankind. Astral projection will give you insight into your true being leading you to your life purpose with astounding joy. Develop your own natural skills of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) Experience feelings of joy and pleasure 99.9% of humans will never come close to feeling. Take what you learn while astral projecting and apply it into the real world in order to change your reality to the one you desire....

From Steve G Jones, World Renowned Hypnotist to the Stars
“UNVEILED: The Surefire HypnoTranquility Method
To Effectively Master Spiritual Transcendence
For A Lifetime Of Astral Travel And Adventure
Through The metaphysical With No Limits”
The Greatest Journey of Your Life Is The Journey Into the Astral Plane,
Where You Make The Rules And Experience The Wildest Experiences
You’ve Always Longed For. Introducing Astral Projection……..

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