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Thread: enlarging jpeg images without artifacts

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    enlarging jpeg images without artifacts

    Any software to blow uo low res jpeg images without loss of quality. Can someone help

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    You can't add information that isn't there.

    However, there are some bits of software that can fake it. Depending on what you're scaling, there are two main methods that have their uses.
    The first is fractal-based and attempts to convert image segments into fractal-based representations, which are inherently scalable. This tends to add rogue information the more you scale, but can work quite well for high-frequency areas.
    The more common method for high-end scaling uses a spline-based interpolation model. There are several versions of these, though most of them use S-spline interpolation (something called Neural splines were proposed nearly a decade ago, but I don't think I've seen it in the marketplace yet). They try to break images down into transition areas to smooth those out without giving you the stair-step effect you get out of geometric interpolation (like bilinear in Photoshop). The trade-off is that you can get edge ringing and slightly mushy edges, especially at large magnifications, but when you compare it to the methods built into most software, it's leaps ahead.

    Look into PhotoZoom Pro or AlienSkin Blow Up. I've heard that OnOne Perfect Resize works okay, but I question the utility of any of their plugins in Photoshop.

    One trick with any method is that scaling up tends to smear any high-frequency detail so it's sometimes useful to add a teeny-tiny little bit of noise or grain back into the image afterwards to reintroduce that fine (if false) detail.

    Or get a Kryten.
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