Digital Tutors - Particle System Workflows in UDK
English | Level: Intermediate | Runtime: 2h 26m | 1.59 GB
Genre: Video Training
In this series of UDK tutorials we will learn how to create particle systems in Unreal's Cascade Editor.
We'll start off by breaking down Cascade's interface and how to create a brand new particle system. We'll then dissect the default particle system and discuss the anatomy of the system. After that we'll take a more hands on approach by building three different particle systems that will challenge you to begin thinking like a VFX artist.

By the end of this UDK tutorial, you will not only have an incredible set of particle systems but you'll have all of learn how to create particle

systems in Unreal's Cascade Editor.

1.Introduction and Project Overview
2.Breaking down the interface
3.Particle system anatomy
4.Breaking down the module catergories
5.Creating the smoke textures
6.Creating the primary smoke
7.Creating the secondary smoke effects
8.Finalizing the smoke material
9.Forming the outer smoke
10.Refining the outer smoke
11.Adding the inner smoke emitter
12.Creating the primary flame
13.Creating the fire secondary effects
14.Manipulating particle systems in the level
15.Working with LOD's
16.Final optimizations

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