Digital Tutors - Animating and Compositing Futuristic Menus in After Effects (2013)
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In this series of tutorials, we will learn how to animate and composite a futuristic menu interface with footage of an actor. This course is a follow-up course to Designing Futuristic Menus in Illustrator. If you have any interest in learning how to make all of the pieces that we will be animating, you may want to watch that first.

We start out by importing all of the assets in the various ways that will best interface with after effects for animation. We then learn how to make the pieces move with the actors motions and how to use expressions to make some of the secondary pieces have visual interest as they rotate, scroll, and reveal. Towards the end of the course, we go over some great compositing tips for making your menu look better integrated with your shot. This course will teach you how to efficiently animate multiple objects and maintain visual consistency that mimics the design of a real life interface. By the end of this course, you will have your own composited shot of an actor interacting with a futuristic interface. You'll Also be Armed with Knowledge on how to create animations using Complex expressions with ease.
In seriiurokov this, we learn how to animate a composite futuristic interface menu with frames actor. This course is a continuation of the creation of a futuristic menu in Illustrator . If you have an interest in how to make all the parts that we'll animate, you will first need to monitor what is happening. We'll start with the import of all sets in various ways that are best interact with After Effects for animation. We learn how to make pieces of movement is exactly repeating the movements of the actors and how to use language to create visual interest, as they rotate, scroll and disclosed. This course will teach you how to effectively animate multiple objects and maintain a visual sequence that mimics the design of the interface in real life. By the end of this course you will be able to create your own composing an actor interacting with a futuristic user interface. You can also arm yourself with knowledge about how to easily create complex animations using expressions.

Lesson 1
Introduction and Project Overview
April 22, 2013
Lesson 2
Importing assets and setting up the main composition
Lesson 3
Placing the interface composition on the table
Lesson 4
Creating A Difference Matte
seven past p.m.
Lesson 5
Precomposing the interface to re-Elements Group
Lesson 6
Animating the border Ph
Lesson 7
Planning the animations
Lesson 8
Bringing on the start Button
Lesson 9
Repositioning and animating the introduction of the photo interface
17: 32
Lesson 10
Moving the Photo Folder with the Hand and adding animation Secondary
Lesson 11
Masking the Photo text to Mimic life-like Functionality
Lesson 12
Animating the Placing and Pictures
Lesson 13
Fine-tuning the picture animations and Scaling up the main picture
Lesson 14
Scaling down the Other Pictures and exiting the main picture
Lesson 15
Introducing the maps and exiting the Button Pictures
Lesson 16
Adding maps to the Functionality
Lesson 17
Placing Masking the maps and
Lesson 18
Entering the maps, Maximizing the main map, and exiting the Smaller s
past p.m.
Lesson 19
Rotating the map with the Actor's motion
forty-six past p.m.
Lesson 20
Exiting the maps
Lesson 21
Animating the Reveal of the interface with the push of the start Button
Lesson 22
Finishing the start animation Reveal
Lesson 23
Animating the Folder Reveal and ITS Secondary Elements
Lesson 24
Rotating the dial fan
Lesson 25
Animating the thermometer
eight fifty
Lesson 26
Animating the Level meters
Lesson 27
Changing the opacity of the apps for A blinking Color change
Lesson 28
Adding rotation animation to the start Button
Lesson 29
Adding motion to the apps button
15 27
Lesson 30
Animating the Button maps using Offset
Lesson 31
Animating the clocks with expressions
Lesson 32
Adding rotation for the Kilowatt hour meter and fan dial Centers
Lesson 33
Creating a sweeping radar with detection dots
12: 47
Lesson 34
Animating the Cylindrical Counting dial in the Folder
twelve twenty-seven
Lesson 35
Creating A News marquee
eight forty-six
Lesson 36
Animating the rotating Arrows on the News Button
1:43 p.m.
Lesson 37
Creating A Draw-on effect for the Graphs
six eighteen
Lesson 38
Animating the Elements of the main dial
seven forty-
Lesson 39
Fine-tuning: Switching on motion blur and fixing any timing issues
Lesson 40
Creating A render PNG Sequence A with
Lesson 41
Adding camera shake by using existing footage
quarter past ten
Lesson 42
Adding vignette, reflections, and blur
eight seventeen

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