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Most likely you've heard the motto "what happens in vegas, stays in vegas". My experience has taught me this is a pretty good rule to live by, especially if you work at a conservative company. And originally I was going to keep it that way for the Super Conference too. I wanted a space where people could open up and be very blunt talking about sexuality. But, as I kept adding top experts to the lineup, I realized something very important... This group would likely NEVER be together again under the same roof. In fact, some of the experts were thrilled to be able to share their deep knowledge of sexuality, because normally they don't get to talk about it at all!

I had 3 major themes for the Super Conference, and all the guest experts agreed to highlight these same themes as part of their presentations.


For the first time ever at a live event, I shared my secrets for finding intelligent, high self esteem, and highly sexual women. Starting a relationship with the wrong woman can waste week, months, or even years of your life and worse cause you no end of pain and misery trying to deal with the drama.

Or worse, it could wipe you out financially if you get a divorce. And in this bad economy you don't need anymore financial headache.

Simply put - Your success in a relationship begins with you selecting wisely!


I also created a road map on how to go from the beginning to the advanced stages of a relationship. Over the 2 days of the conference I laid out the pieces and strategies to take your woman from the first kiss, to how to awaken her sexuality, and all the way to leading her to be wildly sexual and super-responsive to YOU.

This was the first time I ever put all my techniques and teachings into a step-by-step guide, and only people who study this video will get this. I'm not going to do it again anywhere else.


For the first time I reveal how to use Mental Foreplay to drive your woman wild with desire and always have her thinking about you, day or night, no matter if or both of you is at work. You'll discover how to get her so hot with desire and very naughty thoughts, she'll literally rip your clothes off the next time sees you!

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