cmivfx - Cinema 4D Advanced Particles
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cmiVFX has released Maxon C4D Advanced Particles with Sam Welker. In life many of the biggest things are made of millions of smaller things. A lot of these smaller things are particles. In motion graphics and visual effects you'll often find that adding a lot of variation and detail can really add a visual value to your final result

Particles are especially helpful in this scenario and can be quite powerful. Maxon Cinema 4D is a useful tool, but where it's furthest strengths lie with particles are found in bringing in 3rd party tools. This series will take advantage of incredible tools such as TurbulenceFD by Jawset, PShade from, and TP Partio by 908Productions found on . These tools will be necessary to fully experience this series but don't be afraid. These are some of the most powerful particle plugins mentor Sam Welker has integrated into his daily workflow and will continue to be useful for your particle work. We are also thrilled about our partnership products so much that we are including a bonus chapter in our Free Vimeo Video Preview! That way you can get set up before watching the video!

Chapter Descriptions


In this chapter we introduce the series as well as the author. This is the exciting part where we get to see what we will be creating.

Finding The Plugins *(This chapter is FREE in our Vimeo Video Preview Above!)*

Here we will discuss the three 3rd party plugins that we will cover in this series. We will look them up online and discuss why they're useful. (The ONLY place to see this chapter is in our Vimeo Preview Above. Join Today!) We also put direct links to the items in the page below for your convenience.

Simulating TurbulenceFD

Here we will simulate smoke with TurbulenceFD which we can later use to advect the positions of thinking particles. This process will use lower resolution previews then higher resolution finals.

Simulating Thinking Particles

This chapter covers how to simulate thinking particles with TurbulenceFD. This is a simpler process compared to most thinking particle setups. We start with a smaller amount of particles and go up from there till we are happy with the results we are getting.

Rendering Thinking Particles With Hair

In this video we get to explore rendering thinking particles with hair. We use noise textures and variations in the hair material to create some nice breaking up of the particles.

Rendering Thinking Particles with PShade

In this chapter we cover the basics of a very useful plugin called PShade. This tool will allow use to render particles conditionally controlled by particle attributes. The age and speed of particles will control the size and color of the particles in this case.

Wrapping Up

We thank you for your time and conclude the series by covering what we have seen and learnt. We hope you have enjoyed the series at this point and wish you well.

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