Beyond the Camera with Tom Maddrey | 787 MB
English | 2h 25m | AVC1 720x480 29.970 fps | AAC 138 Kbps 48.0 KHz

Photography is often thought of as a technical skill, but the art of photography is more than pixels, lenses, and bodies. This class will examine those non-technical aspects of the art including composition, color, nuance, light, and more. We will examine four main topics including, Light and Design, Critique, The History of our Art, and the Future of Photography. By examining each of these subjects in relation to the modern climate of photography, we can better understand the way in which our particular vision fits into the landscape of photography as a whole. The advent of social nerking has opened a new frontier in the digital landscape, and the relation of this "new media" on the photographer cannot be overstated. These topics and many more will be discussed.

Throughout this DVD your views on both the act of taking pictures and the idea of photography itself will fundamentally change. If you are looking for context in which to place your pursuit of photography, Beyond the Camera will provide just that. Change the way you look at your camera.


- How to understand light and complexities
- Find what compnts create a "Stunning Image"
- Evaluate the work of the masters of art
- How to Critique Photography
- Why the piers of photography are still important today
- Where photography fits into a modern collection of the arts
- What you can do to create and h your vision


- After completing Beyond The Camera, you'll be able to:
- Feel Confident in speaking and writing about your own photography
- Understand how style and vision create stunning photography
- Draw upon new uses of light in images
- Create well reasd judgments when looking at others work
- Feel more confident about the art in which your practice

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