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Arthur Bertram Chandler (28 March 1912 – 6 June 1984) was a British-Australian science fiction author. He also wrote under the pseudonyms George Whitley, George Whitely, Andrew Dunstan, and S.H.M.Chandler wrote over 40 novels and 200 works of short fiction. He was most well known for his John Grimes novels and for the Rim World series, which have a distinctly naval flavour. He won Ditmar Awards for the short story The Bitter Pill (in 1971) and for three novels False Fatherland (in 1969), The Bitter Pill (in 1975), and The Big Black Mark (in 1976).

Chandler's descriptions of life aboard spaceships and the relationships between members of the crew en route carry a feeling of realism rarely found in other writers, and obviously derive from his experience on board seagoing ships. Chandler's principal hero, Grimes, is an enthusiastic sailor who has occasional adventures on the oceans of various planets. Chandler made heavy use of the parallel universe plot device throughout his career, with many Grimes stories involving characters briefly crossing over into other realities. In "The Dark Dimensions", which is set at a point in space where various realities meet, Grimes (the Rim World Commodore), meets not only another John Grimes who is still in the Federation Survey Service, but also the characters from the Empress Irene books and Poul Anderson's Dominic Flandry.

Rim World series
The Rim of Space (1961)
Beyond the Galactic Rim1 (1963)
The Ship From Outside (1963)
Rendezvous on a Lost World (vt When the Dream Dies) (1961)
Bring Back Yesterday (1961)
Catch the Star Winds (1969)
John Grimes novels
The John Grimes story is divided into three parts – Early, Middle and Late.
Early Grimes – These cover Grimes Survey' Service career, from Ensign to Commander.
The Road To The Rim (1967)
To Prime The Pump (1971)
The Hard Way Up1 (1972)
The Broken Cycle (Robert Hale: 1975/Daw: 1979)
Spartan Planet (vt False Fatherland [Horwitz: 1968]) (Dell: 1969)
The Inheritors (1972)
The Big Black Mark (1975)
Middle Grimes – All these deal with Grimes' life and hard times subsequent to his resignation from the Federation Survey Service and prior to his becoming a citizen of the Rim Worlds Confederacy.
The Far Traveller (Robert Hale: 1977/Daw: 1979)
Star Courier (1977)
To Keep The Ship (Robert Hale: 1978/Daw: 1978)
Matilda's Stepchildren (Robert Hale: 1979/Daw: 1983)
Star Loot (Daw: 1980/Robert Hale: 1981)
The Anarch Lords (1981)
The Last Amazon (1984)
The Wild Ones (Paul Collins: 1984/Daw: 1985)
Late Grimes – Grimes, Rim World Commodore
Into The Alternate Universe (1964)
Contraband From Other Space (1967)
The Gateway to Never (1972)
The Rim Gods1 (1969) (see online text)
Alternate Orbits1 (vt The Commodore at Sea) (1971)
The Dark Dimensions (1971)
The Way Back (Robert Hale: 1976/Daw 1978)
Empress Irene series
Empress of Outer Space (1965)
Space Mercenaries (1965)
Nebula Alert (1967)
Other novels
The Hamelin Plague (1963)
The Deep Reaches of Space (1964)
Glory Planet (1964)
The Coils of Time (1964)
The Alternate Martians (1965)
The Sea Beasts (1971)
The Bitter Pill (1974)
Kelly Country (1983)
Frontier of the Dark (1984)

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