BD Chaurasia's Human Anatomy - Head Neck & Brain (Volume 3)
Chaurasia B.D.,, 4th Edition
English | ISBN: 8123911572 | 2007 | 456 pages | PDF | 12 MB

This attempt has been made with an object to meettherequirementsofacommon medical student. Thetext has been arranged in small classified parts to make it easier for the students to remember and recall it at will. It is adequately
illustrated with simple line diagrams which can be reproduced without any difficulty, and which also helpinunderstandingand memorizingthe anatomical facts that appear to defy memory of a common student. The monotony of describing the
individual muscles separately, one after the other, has been minimised by writing them out in tabular form, which makes the subjectinteresting for a lasting memory. The relevantradiological and surface anatomy have been treated in separate
chapters. A sincere attempt has been made to deal, wherever required, the clinical applications of the subject. The entire approach is such as to attract and inspire the students for a deeper dive in the subject of anatomy.

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