Astral Projection Subliminal Hypnosis with Paul Santisi (2012) | Size 1.40 GB

I've listened to many hypnosis files and I like these s a lot. I haven't seen any of Paul's stuff on here before, so I thought I would share with you guys. Paul has a very friendly voice that makes you trust him whether you want it or not. The astral file nearly worked for me after listening only. Paul cleverly combines hypnosis with subliminals in way I haven't experienced before. He's quite unobtrusive in his style and lets you have enough room for your own individuality. Of the many files I've listened to over the years I've liked Paul Santisi the most.

specs: duration 13 hours approx., mp3 audio, 256 Kbps, 44.1 kHz, 2 channels

Activate Pineal Gland - 49:52
Astral Projection Enhanced OOBE - 1:05:10
Astral Projection OOBE Guided Meditation - 1:09:24
Chakra Balance - 12:50
Collective Consciousness - 1:00:59
Deep Relaxation - 40:03
Head-Space Meditation - 26:23
Remove Negative Blocks - 1:25:45
Remove Negative Blocks Theta - 51:33
Remove Negative Blocks Visual - 1:07:34
Subliminal Positive Suggestion - 1:15:44
Take Control of Everything - 42:57
Unlocking Your Minds Power - 1:05:13

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