Advanced Stage Hypnosis with Mike Doubet-Mark Cunningham |Size 4.20 GB

Here is what you learn in this Advanced Training for Stage Hypnosis:

The top reasons most stage hypnotists fail to reach high levels of success (avoid these and watch your bank account and success rise)

The minds (the conscious and subconscious, their value, their use and how to exploit them to drop people into hypnosis fast during live shows)

Brain wave activity (the four types and what it means to you)

Signs of trance state (identifying your subject trance signs will make your job easy)

How to powerfully connect with your stage hypnosis participants (this compnt will turn on your confidence!)

How to determine your participants depth of trance in a show setting (never choose the wrong person for a skit again)

Powerful persuasive communication tools (crank up your power and exert it at will to get your volunteers to do as you desire!)

In addition you learn...

The absolute most important thing you need to be a successful stage hypnotist! (most people don't get this and I have never seen it anywhere else!)

EKG Induction -- You'll learn our AWESOME hybrid, fast induction technique (you will drop 'em like flies with this explosive induction - I've hypnotized over 15,000 people with it!

You'll learn the 2 types of routines to always avoid (what you see other hypnotists do is probably not in your best interest if you want to make serious my!)

You'll learn the most powerful way to begin your show (don't start any other way if you want to succeed with a show that will earn the raves with MODERN audience)

You'll learn how to avoid subjects who are trouble! (they are out there! Learn to spot 'em quickly before they destroy your important show)

Plus you also learn...

How to banish all fears of failure before each show (why have stage fright if you don't need it?)

How to structure your show for maximum impact!

The main compnts of a successful program

How to start to hypnotize your subjects before they even get on stage! (yes, you will hypnotize them before they even realize it!)

What to do if you fail to hypnotize your subjects (nobody has the guts to tell you the truth about this!)

How to create a powerhouse, laugh a minute program (laughs are what your audience craves - dish 'em out and profit!)

Our massively successful induction ( hypnotize 'em fast and feel the power)

Staging your show (I will save you bucks here on equipment so you can get the shows and profits rolling FAST).

Types of music to use (you are using different types of music for different shows, aren't you?)

Additional show routine ideas (never be short of routines again, and never wonder how your routines will play before you deliver them!)

Handle major catastrophes (they can strike in corp shows, school, clubs, everywhere - but they won't be a problem for YOU)

Deal with hecklers (I'm not naturally funny. I don't have the wit of a comedian. You will learn my techniques to stop 'em cold and keep the show rocking!)

Showmanship techniques (you will look polished, professional and like you have 6 years of experience after this session!)

Negative reactions to your induction (you will know how to deal with abreactions and more importantly, how to spot before it's too late!)

Audience control (Learn the control techniques it would take you decades to learn on your own!)

How to get your first show bookings (why learn how to do a powerful stage hypnosis show if you cannot book it!)

How to practice your stage hypnosis show (most people don't get how to practice and it hurts them badly, use this technique and jump start your success)

How to make your participants more active (doing a show with people that just sit there is hell! Use these techniques and watch 'em go like little mice...)

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