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Thread: 3D Printing Designs Fun and Functional Projects

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    3D Printing Designs Fun and Functional Projects

    3D Printing Designs: Fun and Functional Projects by Joe Larson
    2016 | ISBN: 1785884328 | English | 200 pages | EPUB,PDF | 28 + 17MB

    Get to grips with 3D printing and learn to model designs using Blender
    About This Book
    From the author who brought you the first practical look at 3D printing with 3D Printing Blueprints
    Get a comprehensive coverage of the prototyping techniques you need to know to start printing your own 3D designs
    Rekindle your mathematical genius to design personalized objects for complex puzzles
    Who This Book Is For
    If you're new to the world of 3D printing, this is the book for you. Some basic knowledge of Blender and geometry would be helpful, but is not necessary.
    What You Will Learn
    Get to know about the different types of 3D printers and their limitations
    See how Y, H, and T shapes illustrate different ideas of successful 3D design for home 3D printers
    Set up and configure Blender to model a file for 3D printing
    Understand material characteristics, printing specifications, tolerances, and design tips
    Work through the techniques of editing complex meshes, smoothing, combining shapes, and exporting them into STL files for printing
    Break down complex geometries into multiple simple shapes and model them in layers using Blender
    Design, manipulate, and export 3D models for 3D printing with Blender
    Master the art of creating meshes, scaling, subdivision, and adding detail with the Boolean modifier as well as sculpting a custom shape
    Cut a model into small pieces and understand how to design complex interlocking joints that form a part of a jigsaw puzzle
    In Detail
    3D printing has revolutionized the way that global industries conceptualize and design products for mass consumption. Considered as the next œtrillion-dollar business, every industry is in the race to equip its personnel with techniques to prototype and simplify complex manufacturing process. This book will take you through some simple to complex and effective principles of designing 3D printed objects using Blender.
    There is a comprehensive coverage of projects such as a 3D print-ready octopus pencil holder, which will teach you how to add basic geometric shapes, and use techniques such as extruding and subdividing to transform these shapes into complex meshes. Furthermore, you'll learn to use various techniques to derive measurements for an object, model these objects using Blender, organize the parts into layers, and later combine them to create the desired object with the help of a 3D printable SD card holder ring design project. The final project will help you master the techniques of designing simple to complex puzzles models for 3D printing.
    Through the course of the book, we'll explore various robust sculpting methods supported by Blender to create objects. You'll move, rotate, and scale the object, and manipulate the view. You'll edit objects with actions such as bends or curves, similar to drawing or building up a clay structure of different shapes and sizes. By the end of the book, you will have gained thorough practical hands-on experience to be able to create a real-world 3D printable object of your choice.
    Style and approach
    This is a hands-on guide to the world of 3D printing. With the help of simple to complex projects, you'll learn various techniques to design 3D printable objects using Blender.


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