35 Iris Johansen Novels Collection

English | Publisher: Iris Johansen | ISBN: N/a | 6.30 GB

From New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen comes a timeless tale about the immutable power of attraction, as two lovers forge a bond so undeniable that nothing can break it
Samantha Barton survived imprisonment on the war-torn island of St. Pierre. Her family wasnt so lucky. Now, in her new identity as the tough-as-nails revolutionary code-named Topaz, she enlists the aid of an enigmatic industrialist, Fletcher Bronson, on a risky mission to rescue some stranded refugees. Trapped behind enemy lines with a man she both fears and desires, Samantha finds herself irresistibly drawn by his promise of a new life away from the hail of gunfire. For Fletcher, Samantha is more than just an intriguing new lover. Shes an object he must possess and protect at all costs. Opening his heart to her was never part of the bargain. But when new developments from Samanthas past life threaten to disturb his careful plans for their future, Fletcher must come to terms with the changes shes wrought in himand reconcile himself to the truth of the warning she once delivered: Im Samantha, but Im also Topaz.
Clanad 04 Magnificent Folly
Eve Duncan 01 The Face of Deception
Eve Duncan 02 The Killing Game
Eve Duncan 03 The Search
Eve Duncan 04 Body of Lies
Eve Duncan 05 Blind Alley
Eve Duncan 06 Countdown
Eve Duncan 07 Stalemate
Eve Duncan 08 Quicksand
Eve Duncan 09 Blood Game
Eve Duncan 10 Eight Days to Live
Eve Duncan 11 Chasing the Night
Eve, Quinn and Bonnie 01 Eve
Novel 03 One Touch of Topaz
Novel 05 Tender Savage
Novel 09 The Magnificent Rogue
Novel 12 Midnight WarriNovel 13 Dark Rider
Novel 14 The Ugly Duckling
Novel 15 And Then You Die
Novel 17 Final Target
Novel 18 No One to Trust
Novel 22 On The Run
Novel 25 Silent Thunder
Novel 26 Dark Summer
Novel 28 Storm Cycle
Novel 29 Shadow Zone
Sedikhan 04 Capture the Rainbow
Sedikhan 05 Touch the Horizon
Sedikhan 07 And the Desert Blooms
Sedikhan 09 Everlasting
Sedikhan 16 Magnificent Folly
Sedikhan 17 Notorious
White Satin 01 White Satin
Wind Dancer 01 The Wind Dancer
Wind Dancer 03 Reap the Wind

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