Cyndi Haynes, Dale Edwards, "2002 Things To Do On A Date: From Fun, Sometimes Silly, Romantic, to the Unique"
1999 | EPUB + MOBI + PDF | 127 pages | ISBN: 1580620795 | English | 2MB

You've visited every restaurant in town-and you're tired of going to the movies. What are you supposed to do when you go out on a date these days?
Well, how about hosting a co-ed volleyball party?
Getting to know each other better by playing Twenty Questions?
Catching some local scenery by renting a moped for the day?
Sharing the cooking for a luxurious gourmet meal?
Or test-driving a luxury car you know full well neither of you can afford?
From the purely romantic to the unusual and exotic, these adventurous suggestions will add up to plenty of fun for people who want to try something new.


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