18 Steps for Starting Your Business by Pinson, Linda
Linda Pinson 2008 | 221 Pages | ISBN 0944205216 | PDF | 3 MB

Starting your own business is always exciting, but it also means that you need to understand and do all of the things that will turn your great idea into a functioning company.With all of the things to be considered (your business name, location, legal structure, business license, seller's permits, insurance, web site, finance, marketing, etc.), it is easy to feel as if you are going through a maze. This step-by-step guide is thorough, clear, concise, and easy-to-follow. Linda Pinson has been successfully educating entrepreneurs for more than 20 years. With this book, she has once again provided you with one of the most dependable and informative sources on the market. Packed with the most up-to-date information, forms, examples, and worksheets, this book will guide you patiently through everything you need to start a successful new business. Find the right business for you by matching your skills and interests Decide if it is best to buy a business, start your own company, buy a franchise, or be a social entrepreneur Find out how to get a business license, file a DBA, and get a seller's permit Name your business, decide on your legal structure, and choose a location See if you qualify for a home-based business Protect your business with insurance, copyrights, trademarks and patents Look at financing options for your business Set up your bookkeeping and plan your cash flow Research your target market and plan your advertising strategy Learn Internet basics and develop a web site for your business Learn the basics of business planning

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