Harold M. Lommer and M.A. Sutherland, "1234 Modern Endgame Studies"
English | ISBN: 0486218848 | 1968 | 358 pages | Djvu | 4 MB

Great book on chess studies! 15 Aug 2010

I agree in part with the previous commentary, however one cannot really compare this book with Reuben Fine's work, studies are composed -made up- positions that most of the time differ a lot from "real chess", however this is basically the whole point! I mean, if you want to get better at playing endgames then go for an endgame book but if what want is to enjoy chess as an art then try chess studies (or chess problems). This books contains fantastic examples of chess creativity that demonstrate the amazing power of the artistic side of the human mind when applied to a wonderful game as chess. I cannot recommend more this book but be aware, the solutions of most of the studies here are rather complex, hard to find even for very strong players so, many people would just give up but don't let this to keep you from enjoying some of the most exciting chess studies ever composed, I would suggest this: try finding the solution, if that is not possible then simply check the answer, the effect won't be the same, but believe me you won't be disappointed, not a bit!

1234 Modern Endgame Studies1234 Modern Endgame Studies
1234 Modern Endgame Studies1234 Modern Endgame Studies

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