103 Award Winning Fantasy Writers (Organised)

103 Award Winning Fantasy Writers (Organised) - Version 2

English | PDF/EPUB | Collection | 1.6 Gb | Genre: Sci-Fi

A collection of around 3, 300 works by 103 different authors, all of whom have received major recognition.
I am a fantasy and sci fi fan who wanted to find some new authors to read – preferably writers who are recognised as excellent, rather than just best selling. I started out roaming through the lists of recent awards, and gradually this developed into this list.
I have not copied or scanned any of these books – I’ve only downloaded, formatted and organised those that are already available.
About 10 - 15 % of these are short fiction, the rest are full novels.
If you find a mistake or think an author simply HAS to be added ... then please leave a note or pm me.
Mrs Hawkhurst

No Duplicates
I’ve tried my best to prevent any doubling up – even removing copies of the same book under different names. (This was NOT easy, especially the short fiction!) The only exception to this is those books and stories written by multiple authors. There are copies of these under each of the authors who co-wrote them.
Each writers work is divided up into short or long fiction, settings and series. These are all stacked in sub folders, and sub-sub folders. The actual names for the files get a bit long, but you can tell exactly where they belong in the collection.
Trying to sort out what goes where was a MAJOR headache. I tried to use author’s own web sites. When these weren’t available I used Wikipedia and Fantastic Fiction The organisation probably isn’t perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the utter chaos I found when I was hunting!
Whenever I found it difficult to unravel what work goes where, or I came across confusion about the reading order I made notes, and these are included in the various folders. I also copied the awards list from the Locus Magazine site – so if you want to just sample an author you know which works to dip into. Occasionally I’ve added a folder of maps, or timelines etc.

The books and short fiction are all in either pdf format, or in epub. This is what works on my own reader. Even though some books are pdf and others epub there is only one version of each book or story.
Notes and bonus material are in txt form.
I’ve done a lot of reformatting from various formats to epub, and tried to put the proper covers on whenever I could find them.

Aldiss, Brian
Alexander, Lloyd
Anderson, Poul
Asaro, Catherine
Asimov, Isaac
Atwood, Margaret
Bacigalupi, Paolo
Baxter, Stephen
Beagle, Peter S
Bear, Gregory
Benford, Gregory
Bishop, Michael
Bisson, Terry
Bova, Ben
Bradbury, Ray
Bradley, Marion Zimmer
Brin, David
Bujold, Louis McMaster
Butler, Octavia
Card, Orson Scott
Chabon, Michael
Cherryh, CJ
Clarke, Arthur C
Clarke, Susanna
Cook, Glen
Crowley, John
Dahl, Roald
Davidson, Avram
deLint, Charles
Delaney, Samuel
Dick, Philip K
Doctorow, Cory
Donaldson, Stephen
Dowling, Terry
Egan, Greg
Ellison, Harlan
Emshwiller, Carol
Farmer, Philip Jose
Feist, Raymond E
Finney, Jack
Ford, Jeffery
Gaiman, Neil
Haldeman, Joe
Hand, Elizabeth
Heinlan, Robert A
Herbert, Frank
Jones, Diana Wynne
Kushner, Ellen
Lafferty, RA
Landis, Geoffrey A
Le Guin, Ursula
Leiber, Fritz
L’Engle, Madeleine
Lewis, CS
MacAvoy, RA
MacLeod, Ken
Martin, George RR
Matheson, Richard
McCaffrey, Anne
McDevitt, Jack
McDonald, Ian
McHugh, Maureen F
McIntyre, Vonda N
McKillip, Patricia
Meiville, China
Moon, Elizabeth
Moorcock, Michael
Niven, Larry
Nix, Garth
Norton, Andre
Pohl, Frederick
Pournelle, Jerry
Pratchett, Terry
Resnick, Mike
Robinson, Kim Stanley
Robinson, spider
Rowling, JK
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn
Ryman, Geoff
Sawyer, Robert J
Scalzi, John
Shepard, Lucius
Silverberg, Robert
Simmons, Dan
Stephenson, Neal
Straub, Peter
Sturgeon, Theodore
Swanwick, Michael
Tepper, Sheri S
Tiptree, James
Tolkien, JRR
Vance, Jack
Varley, John
Vinge, Joan D
Vinge, Verner
Waldrop, Howard
Walton, Jo
Wilhelm, Kate,
Williamson, Jack
Willis, Connie
Wolfe, Gene
Yolen, Jane
Zelazny, Roger

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