10,000 Kindle Books (MOBI) Organized Calibre Library

10,000 Kindle Books | English | MOBI | Collection | 9.31 GB

This is a collection of 10,262 e-books in MOBI format. It is organized as a Calibre library.

* "103 Award-winning fantasy writers"
* "More Horror Novels"
* "Kindle Buddhism"
* "A small Atheist Collection"
* "Star Wars eBooks"
* "David Eddings: The Tamuli" & The Elenium
* A few generic "My collection of books/My Calibre Library" torrents, each containing hundreds of books
* Biggles (Captain. W. E. Johns)
* Famous Five (Enid Blyton)
* Hardy Boys (Franklin W. Dixon)
* Nancy Drew (Carolyn Keene)
* Baby-sitters Club (Ann M. Martin)

Plus a few hundred individual books and much more belowe is full list of book.

I have checked manually and used several aggressive-matching scripts to remove duplicate books and merge variations on author names.

Tags and metadata have been added to thousands of books. Some files were deleted because they didn't look good on the Kindle (mostly very large files with color pictures that had been converted from PDFs, usually cookbooks).

** Special Notes **
The metadata.opf files and covers have been deleted to reduce the size of the torrent file for upload.

The metadata information is contained in Calibre's metadata.db. Regenerate them by clicking the Library Icon, "Library Maintenance", "Start Backing up Metadata of all books". If Calibre's database becomes corrupted later, it can be regenerated from the opf files.

** Reading these Books **
All MOBI files can be transferred directly to the Kindle. You can use Calibre to transfer, and also to read the books on PC. There are other free apps that will let you read them on PC, iPad and other book readers. Calibre can also convert them to epub format (or a dozen other formats).

** Calibre **
Calibre is free software for managing and viewing e-books. If you have a version prior to 0.8.8, consider upgrading as previous versions were somewhat unstable when trying to work with a collection this large. Once Calibre is installed, just point it to wherever you downloaded this collection and tell it to "use existing library". If you already have a calibre library, Calibre is happy to switch back and forth and has features to copy files between libraries.

Full Book List :

Only the registered members can see the download links/content. pleaseĀ Register to gain full access.

Only the registered members can see the download links/content. pleaseĀ Register to gain full access.