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    Before I am using vmware workstation 6 there is option shrink to disk.
    But last week i install version 9 there is shrink to disk option is not available.
    I found it google lots of things is there but i am not understand.
    If some have idea how to shrink disk in vmware 9 please help me.

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    i have a special


    create a new vm win 7 just to run a disk backup app. (I prefer Acronis Backup & Recovery 10.)

    Add the vmdisk to this vmmachine, and create an image from it to a shared folder of the host. than create a new empty disk, and restore the image to this . It contains only the really used files, and the size of this this van be much more smaller, than the original.
    Move out the big disk-file fom the vm directory, and move in the reduced . Start the vm, and if everything is ok, delete the big .

    I prefer SCSI disk format, because it is more comfortable (can be mount on a running machine).

    And don't use too big vm disks, because in normal use the vm disk first fill up all the available space, because all of the deleted files are still on the vmdisk and they are physically overwritten only after the disk is fill up the nominal virtual capacity. So, if you define a 160 GB disk, it will be 160 GB soon, even if only a small part indicates that in use. For a w7 test system 16-32 GB is usually enough.
    And of course don't install all the win updates. It can be 18GB for a win7 without any installed application.

    There is an other nice trick:

    Using SLIC 21 enabled OEM bios codes, allowing the installation and activation official OEM Systems.

    insert the row in the vmx configuration file:

    bios440.filename = "361H_dell_b10k_21.rom"

    and copy the 512k rom image in the vmmachine's directory.

    just google "HOWTO Modify VMWare BIOS with SLIC 2.1"

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