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    Hello, I'm looking for overdriverip RIP for Windows.

    Overdrive for Windows is a PostScript RIP that uses new advances in color management and printing technology to deliver high-end color, accurate proofing and Pantone matching for any inkjet printer. Support for any paper is immediately available due to the universal nature of Overdrive's color management.

    Accurate CYMK proofing — no CMYK media profiles necessary!
    • Internal testing shows Overdrive for Windows consistently achieves a Delta E(ab) average of 0.8 or lower from an IT8.7/4 target on Epson and Canon printers, well within industry standards of 1.5 maximum average
    PANTONE Color Matching
    • ColorBurst Overdrive includes the full licensed PANTONE Color Library
    • ColorBurst's AutoSpot™ technology greatly improves the accuracy of Pantone colors
    • All colors are handled automatically during processing

    Integrated Layout with Tiling included
    • Layout is integrated into Overdrive for Windows
    • Nest, scale, crop, rotate, step and repeat or tile images with optional crop marks and job titles
    • Refit images in a layout based on "best fit" to save media or "rows" for easy trimming
    • Versitile layout editing — layouts can be edited after sending to the Job List

    Full PostScript and Raster File Support in Overdrive
    • EPS, PS, and PDF files
    • RGB, CMYK, and grayscale 8-bit and 16-bit support for TIFF (LZW compression is supported), JPEG and BMP
    Input ICC Profiles
    • Overdrive has separate Input ICC Profile settings for RGB, CMYK, and grayscale images
    • Any ICC input profile can be utilized with one of 4 different rendering intents
    • An option to use embedded profiles can be turned on or off

    Output ICC Profiles
    • Overdrive uses RGB output profiles
    • Overdrive can use any paper manufacturer's RGB ICC profiles
    • Custom RGB ICC profiles are much faster to make than CMYK profiles used by other RIPs, and can be made using profiling software that typically comes with spectrophotometers
    • X-Rite i1Profiler-RGB profiling software available exclusively to Overdrive users at special pricing to build custom RGB profiles with your X-Rite i1Pro, i1Pro2, or i1iSis spectrophotometer

    Job Manager
    • Files and folders can be dropped directly into the Job Manager, opened from the File menu, or saved to the Hot Folder
    • Jobs can be reordered, deleted, or placed on hold to be processed later

    Print from Applications
    • Print directly from image-editing and layout applications, such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator
    • Select the Overdrive printer from in the Print dialog to send files directly to Overdrive Job Manager
    Hot Folder
    • Print to the Overdrive Hot Folder locally or across a network
    • Automatically scan the Hot Folder at a user-defined interval

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    I looked for it also for last long time, but not got lucky yet.

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