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Thread: IPM Workflow Server

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    IPM Workflow Server

    IPM Workflow Server is an image processing server using hot folders and specification files created by client applications

    The IPM Workflow Server aims at automating image processing workflows and handles essential image manipulations, such as:
    - performing color mode conversions with ICC profiles or conventional separation tables,
    - applying ICC profiles with profile mismatch management,
    - performing file format conversions (TIFF, EPS, JPEG, DCS...),
    - performing geometric operations: crop, resizing, rotation, skew (via JobManager), flip, resampling, interpolation.
    - performing image correction operations: saturation, gamma, unsharp masking, LUTs...

    the IPM offers combined processing images using RECO process modules, and integrated, user-definable quality control.

    IPM Workflow is available in two product levels to fit different production requirements:
    - IPM Workflow F-5: up to 5 workflows (5 sets of input/output folders + TMP folder for JobManager).
    - IPM Workflow F-40: up to 40 workflows (40 sets of input/output folders + TMP folder for JobManager).

    The IPM Workflow Server package includes: binuscan IPM Workflow, IPM Administrator, binuscan JobManager, binuscan ColorCorrect and PhotoRetouch Pro. The IPM Workflow application can be installed on a Macintosh (Mac OS X or Mac OS 9) or Windows (XP, 2000, NT 4.0, 98, 95) server. The client applications can be installed on Macintosh and communicate with the IPM Workflow installed on a Macintosh or Windows server.

    The goal of JobManager is to facilitate and speed handling images in the page layout and to shorten RIP processing by reducing the calculations it has to perform. Images can be processed by the binuscan IPM (the Image Processing Machine, aka the server application at the heart of an IPM Workflow installation) directly from the QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign page after all the manipulations have taken place. This includes color correction, color separation, correction and separation, grayscale conversion and/or resampling only. Proccessing occurs in the background without slowing down foreground activity.

    binuscan JobManager is the choice of many newspapers and magazines for automatic image processing, handled directly from the publication's layout.

    binuscan JobManager supports QuarkXPress 4/5/6 and Adobe InDesign CS on the Mac OS 9/X platform, and QuarkXPress 4.11 on Windows.


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    IPM Workflow Server version too old, official support for Windows (XP, 2000, NT 4.0, 98, 95)

    There have long been cracked.
    Before the official website can be downloaded, and now could not make.

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