EasyCloud is a Utility app that allows Mac users to simply drag and drop data files into the EasyCloud Drop Window to have those files immediately available on all their Macs and iDevices. The app's two functions, Drop and Mac to Mac, support the following file types via iCloud: .pages (iWork), .numbers (iWork), .keynote (iWork), .doc (Microsoft Word), .excel (Microsoft Excel), .ppt (Microsoft Power Point), .txt (TextEdit Application), etc. The Drop function sends files directly to all the user's iDevices containing the matching app and via a common iCloud account. The Mac to Mac function enables both syncing and file sharing between Macs sharing the same iCloud account. A browser window displays all files available for sharing between Macs, files can be opened or deleted, and the list refreshed.

Drop function:

send files directly to your favorite applications, such as Apple's Pages
- select files
- drag into main window.
- That's all!

MacToMac function:

Files management directly to EasyCloud.
Open files.
Delete files.
refresh list

Feature Highlights:
Supports Apple's iWork apps for OS X and iOS: iCloud Pages (.pages), iCloud Numbers (.numbers), iCloud Keynote (.keynote)
Supports Microsoft Office files: iCloud Word (.doc), iCloud PowerPoint (.ppt), iCloud Excel (.xls)
Via GoodReader supports HTML and Safari webarchives, graphics, audio, and video
Drop send files directly to applications
Mac to Mac sync for file sharing between two or more Macs
Instantaneous transfer and availability of data through a single operation
Applications supported by EasyCloud:

Droppping supported
GoodReader: MS Office - .doc, .ppt., .xls | iWork '08/'09 | HTML and Safari webarchives | High resolution images | Even audio and video!