Hi all
Recently had a big problem with Lion. I had several apps running but physically not doing anything. Came back to the Mac & found most of the apps had locked up. Did a force quit to clear & then did a reboot.

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Thats when the problems started. Mac booted up but came up with "Windows Restore" options panel - either restore or not restore previous open window. The problem was I was unable to select either option to clear it from repeatedly flashing up.

Tried rebooting, still came up. I even reinstalled Lion & it was still present after the boot. Unable to launch finder or clear message. I did manage to go into system prefs & disable "Restore Windows" on launch option under General System options, but still no good.

The only solution was to reformat & reinstall OS & apps. Has anyone had a similar issue?

Reinstalled all now & working fine, but I have disable the "Restore Windows" option just in case.

Cheers for any replies.