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Thread: My response to HappySunshineKid post

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    My response to HappySunshineKid post

    This post is not a complaint, just an opinion. I don't spend my time here religiously, I'm visiting this forum mainly to find something I'm looking for and I do post something from time to time. All in all - I'm pleased with this forum, but after reading HappySunshineKid post, I must say I agree for most part of it.

    Yesterday I came across really nice font posted by (let me not mention his screen name). I do appreciate what you share here, but demanding 40 posts for that - I think it's just not right. I'm sure, original idea of this forum meant to be "sharing forum", and it disappoints me to see that even here people play politics.

    Out of curiosity, I check the forum this morning, and as I expected, there was endless line of posts with fonts that could be easily found elsewhere. Imagine how many people will do their best to download this font (and many others), filling forum with dafont.com fonts. HappySunshineKid is right - if you want to share something - please do, it's your choice and people will appreciate that, but if you want to trade - that's totally different thing. I don't think categorizing people - to those who have things and the others who don't - is the right thing for this forum.

    You have good thing rolling here - don't ruin it! If you want to share - share with everybody, not just with selected group of people who collects number of posts. Mark my words, if you do that, people will stop filling this forum with useless fonts. Again, I appreciate what people share here, and hope this forum won't turn into another generic place with special privileges for "premium members".

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