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Thread: Alien Skin Software Photoshop Plugins Bundle Autumn 2011 (x86/x64)

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    Alien Skin Software Photoshop Plugins Bundle Autumn 2011 (x86/x64)

    Alien Skin Software gives you all eight of our award-winning photography plug-ins: Blow Up, Bokeh, Exposure, Image Doctor, Eye Candy, Splat!, Xenofex and Snap Art. Each of these products enhances a professional workflow by improving image quality, saving time, and providing creative freedom. In combination, these products are even more effective.

    Alien Skin Software Photoshop Plugins Bundle Autumn 2011:
    Alien Skin Blow Up - provides high-quality image resizing, better than bicubic interpolation and resizing the image, preserves smooth, crisp edges and lines. Produces up to 3600% increase (sixfold) without the appearance of step artifacts and luminescence.
    Alien Skin Bokeh - this is plug-in for Photoshop, designed to draw attention to a particular object in the photo. With this supplement you can add effects to the image depth of field, make a stand, or emphasize the main object of other available means. Feature of the plug-in that it closely mimics the effect of blurring, which can be obtained using lenses.
    Alien Skin Exposure - powerful plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, created for color and styling images to fit the foil color and b/w photos. But apart from imitation of the film, the plugin also has tools for general photo editing: Shadow/Highlights, Curves, Sharpen and more.
    Alien Skin Eye Candy - one of the best additions to Photoshop in its field. Using available presets for each filter, you can create the most intricate natural effects for a few minutes. Alien Eye Candy 6 consists of 30 filters, to create fire, smoke, rzhavcheny, snow, ice and more. The new version of the effects give more realistic results, contain more than 1500 sets of different pieces.
    Alien Skin Image Doctor - a set of easy to use plugins for Photoshop, which has permitted to save the awkwardness pictures and help give extra shine quality digital images.
    Alien Skin Snap Art - plugin is designed to transform photographs into paintings and drawings, hand-drawn variety of styles. Contains a large library of pre-harvest, which enable one-click to create paintings that are written or drawn butter, charcoal, watercolor, colored pencils, pen and ink, pastel crayon, as well as in comic style, pointillism and impasto (impasto) in different basis: oil on canvas, paper, etc.
    Alien Skin Splat! 1.0 - set that includes 6 filters to create a simulation of painting and drawing.
    Alien Skin Xenofex - is a collection of 14th and special effects that will give new energy to any graphic project. Another never been so easy to make natural effects and complex distortions. The interface is simple and intuitive, it includes a fully scalable preview window that allows you to see the effect of the blend for any part of your image. Xenofex also includes 160 presets to help you quickly create sophisticated effects.
    Video Tutorials - series of lessons that allow to study many aspects of work with Alien Skin Photoshop Plugins.
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