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Thread: SnapMeasure 2.01 for Adobe Illustrator CS5

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    SnapMeasure 2.01 for Adobe Illustrator CS5

    SnapMeasure is a plugin tool for Adobe Illustrator which addresses several weaknesses of the built-in measuring tool and will tremendously improve your productivity:
    • It clearly snaps with visual feedback to elements on the page (no more measuring three and four times to be sure you are getting the right value!)
    • It can put the measurement values right where your eyes are — next to the cursor. No more having to look up to find the Info palette.
    • It lets you scroll or zoom during a measure (no need to make sure the start and end points are both on the screen before you start measuring).
    • It lets you change the color of the measure line, for better visibility on certain backgrounds.
    • It can optionally set and reset the constrain angle and cursor key distance without having to open the preferences window.

    Password: printroot

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    Great, man!
    Thank you XXXXXL!

    But why CS5 only?
    Numbers in you release works for CS3/CS4 too
    I can’t verify Ill’s 10-CS2, but 'SnapMeasure 2.01 QuickStart.pdf' from your upload tell us:
    SnapMeasure is a plug-in tool compatible with both Macintosh and Windows Adobe® Illustrator® 10, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5. There are seven versions: 1) Mac Illustrator 10/CS; 2) Mac Illustrator CS2; 3) Mac Illustrator CS3/CS4 (Universal Binary); 4) Mac Illustrator CS5; 5) Windows 10/CS/CS2; 6) Windows CS3/CS4; and 7) Windows CS5.
    So, i will re-upload fullpack of SnapMeasure 2.01, for Adobe Illustrator 10-CS5.
    But, friends, be carefull:
    CS5 — tested, OK
    CS4 — tested, OK
    CS3 — tested, OK

    CS2 — not tested, must be OK?
    CS — not tested, must be OK?
    10 — not tested, must be OK?

    Full pack you can get here:
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    You do not have sufficient rights to see the hidden data contained here.

    Pass — is our home without .com
    Warning: compressed with WinRAR 4.0
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