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Thread: Pixelgenius Photokit Color 2.1.7 x86/x64

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    Pixelgenius Photokit Color 2.1.8 - updated 23/8

    Pixelgenius Photokit Color 2.1.8 (x86/x64) | 20.71 Mb
    PhotoKit Color 2.0 applies precise color corrections, automatic color balancing and creative coloring effects. PhotoKit Color 2.0 offers a comprehensive set of coloring tools for Photoshop CS3, CS4 & CS5 for both Macintosh and Windows.
    Color plays a huge role in how we perceive and describe the world we see, so it’s hardly surprising that one of the first things we want to do to a photograph when we bring it into Photoshop is to adjust accurately or play creatively with the color in the image. Photographers in particular have long desired to reproduce traditional photographic processes digitally using Photoshop.
    PhotoKit Color's image enhancements and adjustments are easy to use. Choose PhotoKit Color 2 from the File menu's Automate sub-menu, and this will launch the PixelGenius Toolbox from where you can easily select the desired image effect. Then let PhotoKit Color 2.0 do the work.

    PhotoKit Color 2.0 now features a dialog called the PixelGenius Toolbox that will quickly preview the effects before you apply them and combine effects in a single batch operation. Included in the new effects are the Dodge and the Burn filter sets, which were in the original PhotoKit plug-in. The Special Effects series contains many new filters including color infrared, sunshine filters, color transfer effects, a nocturnal 'day for night' effect and more. The Film Effects series offers accurate simulation filters of several generic chrome film emulsions, simulating both color and contrast.

    Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.
    More info:
    Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.
    Tested & working Ps CS5.1 x86 & x64 / Win7 x64
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