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Thread: Font Smasher

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    Font Smasher

    Smasher for Mac OS X
    Preventive Care for Creative Applications
    Automatic, Set-and-Forget Maintenance for Your Mac
    Smasher preserves the health of your applications by performing automatic maintenance on your Mac. It works unattended to eliminate corruption to font caches and temporary files, the #1 cause of font-related problems and workflow interruptions--so your fonts always image correctly.
    How do you know if you’re having font cache problems?
    • Text appears garbled or reflows incorrectly
    • Font menus don’t refresh correctly
    • Programs display false corruption warnings
    • PDF and PostScript files generate incorrectly
    • Applications become sluggish or unstable


    Comprehensive OS and Application Maintenance
    The Mac OS and many of its applications store temporary fonts all over your file system that must be cleaned up regularly for your documents to work properly. Smasher for Mac OS X clears font caches as well as temporary files and preferences for:
    • Adobe Creative Suite 2, 3 and 4
    • QuarkXPress 6, 6.5, 7 and 8
    • Microsoft Office X, 2005 and 2008
    • CUPS print spool files
    • Mac OS X 10.3 through 10.6 (Tiger, Panther, Leopard and Snow Leopard)
    View, Test and Transform Fonts and Suitcases
    Smasher also enables you to open and manipulate fonts and suitcases so you can:
    • Examine font properties including, name, family, folder location, version number, copyright and file permissions
    • Drag-and-drop folders of fonts for quick clean-up
    • Create suitcases out of individual styles
    • Unite Type 1 screen and printer fonts automatically
    • Preview font styles with a click
    • Compare the contents of separate suitcases
    • Convert dfonts into TrueType fonts

    [HIDE="code"]Downwload Trial, use this ser SMA1-0001-KUVZ-RKKB-DBGQ-RJUJ-0133-6166

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