Beauty Box Photo is a new kind of digital retouching tool. The Adobe Photoshop plugin allows you to quickly and easily erase skin blemishes and even out skin tones – achieving a consistently professional result. Beauty Box Photo uses advanced skin smoothing techniques that enhance the work of photographers at all levels.

Give your talent a makeover after the shoot.
The Beauty Box retouching plugin provides photographers and digital artists with an easy and powerful way of smoothing out skin and removing blemishes. Whether it is used for a glamour shoot, senior portraits or just a personal photo, Beauty Box Photo achieves a consistently professional result.
Great features of Beauty Box Photo.

Some of the practical and creative features of the Beauty Box plugin include:

Automatic Mask: The Auto-Mask button automatically creates an underlying mask.
Smart Skin Smoothing: Adjust the skin smoothing effects with three Smoothing controls.
Batch Processing: Let Beauty Box set the mask and smoothing automatically for batch processing hundreds of images.
Control Over Mask: Make changes to the mask with advanced Mask tools (though generally you won't need to!).
Detail Sharpening: Use fine-tuning controls to preserve important details like hair, eyelashes and jewelry.
Add Texture: Bring back skin texture, like pore structure, that can be lost because of the smoothing.
Super-Fast Processing: Beauty Box uses GPUs and nVidia’s CUDA to increase render performance.

The Beauty Box Photo tools.
Beauty Box Photo is very simple to use. The Auto-Mask button will automatically decide the skin areas to smooth. You adjust the Smoothing options and let the skin retouching plugin do its magic. Its very little work for big results. Here is an overview of the controls in Beauty Box.
The Auto-Mask button.
The magic button: Auto-Mask. This is where the real work happens, yet you barely have to do anything. Auto-Mask is turned on by default so when you apply Beauty Box. It runs its masking genius and figures out the skin areas to smooth, creating an editable mask along the way.

Click Analyze Frame to sample a frame and set the skin tones that will be smoothed throughout your footage. Alternately, click Analyze All to set multiple frames as the sample point. It's an automatic process that gives great results.
Skin Smoothing controls.
The Skin Smoothing controls work together to smooth over wrinkles and blemishes in your subject's skin tones. Smoothing Amount is the main control. The higher you set Amount, the more skin smoothing your subject will get.
Edit with Mask controls.
Suppose you want to edit the automatic skin smoothing mask? This is easy to do. Click the Show Mask button to see the mask you're working with. Use the Manual Mask controls to add skin color values to the mask that Beauty Box created. There are also Advanced Mask sliders to adjust the color range that is used.

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