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Thread: Silverfast HDR Studio 6.6.0

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    Silverfast HDR Studio 6.6.0

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    What is SilverFast HDR?

    Many of today's scanners allow the ability to write the full dynamic range of its hardware into TIFF-data. This makes the reduction to 24 bit RGB obsolete. The ability to save these 'raw' files opens up a whole new workflow. The images can be scanned and archived into digital format, and then opened at a later date without any loss quality. In order to save such data with extended dynamic range, the 48 bit TIFF format has been defined. Scanners with only 30 or 36 bit capability supply into this format their maximum output. Regardless of the effective dynamic range supplied, the file will always becomes a 48 bit file. Normal scan software saves images into a 24 bit file, discarding the extra information supplied from the scanner. 48 bit files retain all of the information supplied. Instead of driving the scanner directly, SilverFast HDR enables the user to read these raw files and process the data as if access to the original image on the scanner was available. All SilverFast tools are fully applicable: Defining output size, Auto-Adjust, Histogram, Gradation curves, Selective Color Correction, Unscharp Masking, Color Separation, CMYK-Preview....

    1. A sample can be scanned and given back to the customer immediately.

    2. Final output processing is not required at this time, the image only has to be saved.

    3. Precious samples can be scanned without any loss in quality.

    4. The raw scan can be performed by any person (without any knowledge of scanning) -it is only required that the user set the scan resolution.

    5. Since the raw scan is now saved in HDR format, it can be transmitted over the internet in this raw form, opening up new dimensions for work flow!

    Since SilverFast HDR never drives the scanner directly, it can be used with raw data files produced from scanners that SilverFast doesn't normally support. Simply scan the file with no corrections using the original scanner software, and then pass the resulting TIFF file to HDR. Now all of the SilverFast tools are at your disposal! SilverFast HDR can be used with Adobe Photoshop, or any TWAIN compliant applications. SilverFast HDR 6 has the JobManager included in the standard version now. This is a 500$ value and adds unprecedented productivity to SilverFast HDR. With HiRePP and all the highlights of the new SilverFast HDR 6, the user gets a unique and powerful product

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    does it support Topaz II scanner from Linotype-Hell?

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    Great .. thanks for sharing !

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    reupload plz

    anyone have silverfast 8 crack? not HDR but the regular scan version for reflecta?

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