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Thread: SilverFast Ai Studio v6.6.0r6

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    SilverFast Ai Studio v6.6.0r6

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    SilverFast Ai award-winning scanner software sets a new standard
    for ease of control and sophistication for desktop scanners (film
    and flatbed). SilverFast Ai is high-end scanning and image
    optimization software from LaserSoft Imaging, a pioneer in
    desktop high-end imaging. SilverFast is now available for more
    than 315 scanners and digital cameras running under Mac (also
    OS-X) and Windows.

    SilverFast Ai is individually adapted to each supported scanner
    and therefore can get the very best out of each scanner.
    SilverFast Ai combines a very intuitive user interface with
    sophisticated and professional scanner and image controls.
    Beginners and professionals will appreciate the unique real-time
    controls and the intelligent automatic functions as well as the
    ability to manually adjust the image at any point.

    Predictable color from the SilverFast Ai preview gives imaging
    and color reproduction a new dimension securing the correct
    workflow with the ScanPilot. The professional user can adjust any
    operation via numerical input and can precisely monitor the
    results using the integrated densitometer. SilverFast Ai enables
    any level of user to achieve brilliant results quickly !

    SilverFast comes in three different flavors: as Stand-Alone
    Software with the SilverFast Launcher; as native Adobe Photoshop
    Plug-in or as universal TWAIN Module.

    SilverFast 6 also has the Job Manager, a productivity function,
    so far only available as an option!

    SilverFast Ai and SilverFast HDR are working in full 16 (48) bit
    mode and besides delivering uncorrected output into 48 bit
    HDR-format, also allows full 48 bit color-corrected output. Thus
    enabling the optimum throughput while securing maximum dynamic

    SilverFast Ai Studio includes all of the well-known functions of
    Silverfast AI plus a many new, innovative tools.

    These new functions of SilverFast Ai Studio offer an even higher
    degree of efficiency for image optimization. Multi- sampling now
    includes auto-alignment, enabling this feature even on scanners
    without hardware-based support. AACO allows the user to extract
    maximum detail from shadow areas, without compromising the
    highlights. This has become an an invaluable tool, especially
    when working with scanners offering limited dynamic range. These
    two tools combined can inncrease the usable dynamic range of
    almost any scanner in the market today.

    Supported EPSON Scanners:

    ?Stylus Photo RX640
    ?Expression 10000XL [Medical (X-RAY)]
    ?Expression 1600 / 1600 Pro
    ?Expression 1640XL [Medical (X-RAY)]
    ?Expression 1680 / 1680 Pro / ES-2200
    ?Expression 636 / GT 9500
    ?Expression 800 / GT 9600
    ?Expression 836XL / GT 12000
    ?Perfection 1200
    ?Perfection 1240U / 1240U Photo
    ?Perfection 1640 SU
    ?Perfection 1650 / 1650 Photo
    ?Perfection 1660 / 1660 Photo
    ?Perfection 1670 / 1670 Photo
    ?Perfection 2400 / 2400 Photo
    ?Perfection 2450 Photo / GT-9700
    ?Perfection 3170 / 3170 Photo
    ?Perfection 3200 Photo/Pro
    ?Perfection 4180 Photo
    ?Perfection 4490
    ?Perfection 4870 Photo
    ?Perfection 4990 Photo [Medical (X-RAY)]
    ?Perfection 600
    ?Perfection 610
    ?Perfection 636 / GT 7000
    ?Perfection 640 U
    ?Perfection V 100
    ?Perfection V 200
    ?Perfection V 350
    ?Perfection V 500
    ?Perfection V 700 Photo [Medical (X-RAY)]
    ?Perfection V 750 Pro [Medical (X-RAY)]
    ?ES 1000C / GT 8500
    ?ES 1200C / GT 9000
    ?GT 10000
    ?GT 15000
    ?GT 5000
    ?GT 6000
    ?GT 6500
    ?GT 8000
    ?PhotoPC F-3200
    ?Stylus DX 4850
    ?Stylus Photo RX620

    Supported Operating Systems:

    ?Windows Vista (64bit)
    ?Windows Vista (32bit)
    ?Windows XP (64bit)
    ?Windows XP (32bit)
    ?Windows 2000

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    Thanks, but after patches open and ask for serial numbers and works only demo

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    a small suggestion look for vuescan .. so great and cheap !!

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    Universal patch for all Ai Studio plugins:

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    Perfectly, it was useful unexpectedly, but has very much helped.

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    Linotype Hell Topaz II scanner

    I need the one that support Topaz II scanner? Anyone have it?

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