QuarkXPress - a powerful publishing system, with its intuitive interface and expanded set of tools for word processing, color management and graphic elements, and designing web pages. The program is widely used in books, newspaper and magazine publishing, advertising and marketing agencies, design firms and publishing houses.
With new features such as management tools and technology of transparent objects Composition Zones, as well as improved printing functions and create documents in PDF, the application provides complete freedom in the design process and the opportunity to work with documents.
When in the 1980's desktop publishing systems have appeared only in the role of publisher could feel myself any user. Each person could put his thoughts on paper and talk about them around the world. If you have already worked with QuarkXPress or just planning to get acquainted with this program, you'll understand what I mean. QuarkXPress has become the most popular desktop publishing system in the world. Professionals have turned this program into the present standard in the training of magazines, newspapers and directories. This program - a great tool to create books with support functions such as creating subject indexes, tables of contents, etc.
Attention is invited to everything you need to produce high-quality page layouts and excellent production of printed materials. The new version of the package offers a number of new tools. For example, a tool called Picture Content Tool, Item Tool and Text Content Tool allow experts to move, rotate and resize images, snippets of text and other page elements without having to enter numbers into the appropriate fields and switching between different tools. Metamorphosed Product's user interface now includes buttons for quick access to master pages and exporting them in formats PDF, EPS, SWF, and HTML, as updated context menus have become more accessible and functional.
In the new QuarkXPress from Quark Interactive Designer migrated tool for inclusion in the draft interactive content: audio, video, animation. Designers can distribute their projects via the Internet or through Flash technology without having to purchase additional applications and for programming skills. It is also worth noting the import Adobe Illustrator files and PDF 1.7, an improved job with style, the new Guide Manager Pro to work with runners.
QuarkXPress supports over 30 languages, and this feature is implemented in all language versions of the program. All versions have dictionaries, hyphenation for 30 languages, as well as full support for Asian languages.
Inspired by the designer's passion for perfection, QuarkXPress pack changes the way creative professionals work. Strive to do better and constantly improve - employ page-layout and design, created to help you achieve your goals.
Feel the excitement of design using the intuitive interface QuarkXPress. Not being distracted from the tasks performed, a powerful creative toolset to help you easily create what you do best - design.
Launch QuarkXPress and draw on the confidence of more than two decades of experience from a pioneer in the field of software products for layout and design. Through continued innovation, QuarkXPress now gives you an intuitive interface, the ability to design across media, and precise typographic control to implement it.
You're the expert - design your way. QuarkXPress introduces designer-driven typography to create stunning text. Characters and advanced baseline grids along with Unicode ® and OpenType ®, gives you the opportunity to achieve the desired effect.
Step Forward
QuarkXPress is an excellent tool for prepress, but for us as for you, now is not enough. Be adventurous! Use, which you have the knowledge and built-in Web authoring and Flash ® tools, print content across media. No need to purchase additional packages or programming!
Familiar environment
While everyone will enjoy the simplicity and advanced features QuarkXPress, current QuarkXPress users will appreciate the familiar work space with elements such as menus, palettes and dialog boxes.
Now, designers can:
"To feel the freedom of using the new intuitive interface of QuarkXPress.
"Use the built-in Web authoring and Flash ® tools, print content across media.
"To create stunningly decorated texts, using designer-provided control over the typography.
"Work faster and more efficiently with the help of Illustrator ® file import and support for Photoshop ®; improved tools for working with images, illustrations and text, fully customizable control characters; advanced baseline grids, and other features.
"To publish around the world, with dictionaries and hyphenation for more than 30 languages, using a single file format, open and print a project created anywhere in the world in QuarkXPress 9, and set the high quality of the East Asia layout and typography.
"Intuitive interface
"Built-in Web and Flash authoring tools
"Creating incredible sformlennyh texts through its control over typography
"Importing Adobe Illustrator files and support for Adobe Photoshop
"Improved tools for working with images, illustrations and text
"Fully customizable control symbols
"Advanced baseline grids
"The use of dictionaries and hyphenation
"Support for more than 30 languages
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