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Thread: (PC) SpectraCalMAN 4.22

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    (PC) SpectraCalMAN 4.22

    In its short time in the market, CalMAN has so thoroughly redefined the potential of video calibration software that CalMAN’s market share now approaches 100%. CalMAN Version 4 redefines the limits of the possible, with unprecedented power and ease of use, including direct interactive control of video processors and displays. Rather than hunting through cryptic menus for the internal command that will adjust RGB balance, a CalMAN v4 user can now just adjust the relative levels of the bars in an RGB graph, and CalMAN does the rest, automatically writing the adjustment into the device. Calibrating Color Management Systems (CMS) has a long reputation for being notoriously difficult; the revolutionary CalMAN v4 lets you simply reach into a CIE chart and drag each color right to where you want it to be.

    Home Page - http://www.spectracal.com/simplepage.aspx?ID=OBOMISQSONYARPDMPCFU&Mx=3


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