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Thread: OnOne PhotoTune v3.0.5

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    OnOne PhotoTune v3.0.5

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    OnOne PhotoTune v3.0.5

    Get optimized tone and color in just a few clicks with PhotoTune.
    • Dynamic range enhancement makes your image look the way you saw it when you captured it.
    • SkinTune color corrects portrait images in one click, just like using a gray card but for skin.
    • NEW! PhotoTune 3 works with Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture and now as a stand alone application.

    Color Correction without the Curves
    Great color, it's not as hard as you think. If you can compare images side-by-side and pick the best one, then you can easily color correct and enhance your images with PhotoTune 3. Additionally, PhotoTune 3 improves the color and sharpness of your image without the need to know how to use levels or curves in Photoshop.
    • Get perfect tone and color for your photos in seconds.
    • Wizard walks you through the process of enhancing your image in as few as two steps.

    Perfect skin color. Every time.
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    If you photograph people, you can also tune your images by clicking on skin tones to guarantee accurate skin color. Pro users get access to all the controls for tone, color and sharpening. Better images are just a few clicks away with PhotoTune 3.

    Automatic Correction
    PhotoTune 3 now features a state-of-art automatic correction algorithm called eye-fidelity originally developed by imsense. In a single click, this amazing new eye-fidelity technology will correct the brightness, contrast, color and dynamic range of any photo. This goes way beyond a simple auto-levels or shadow-highlight adjustment. It actually remaps tones to increase the dynamic range and make it appear more true-to-life, the way your eye saw the scene when you first captured the digital photo.

    Improved Wizard
    At the heart of PhotoTune is the patented step-by-step wizard that simplifies the correction of your image without the need to understand complicated color and tone controls. This has been enhanced to combine the new auto-correction algorithm, SkinTune color correction and sharpening. This makes the wizard the fastest and easiest way to optimize your images no matter what your experience level.

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    Pro Controls
    PhotoTune 3 also adds a new professional interface for users who desire complete control. You have access to the tone, color, SkinTune and detail controls. PhotoTune takes away the complex concepts like levels and curves and and provides simple ways to make advanced adjustments like sharpening, portrait color correction and gray purity. With the simple, innovative controls you just slide your image in the preview space to make adjustments that look good to your eye. No need to understand complex histograms and curves.

    Download Links:
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    Sadly links are dead , thanx anyway.

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