Corel PHOTO-PAINT v12.0.0.458 Multilanguage Portable

Corel PHOTO-PAINT - an ideal tool for creating and editing bitmap images and their compositions, photo correction. Corel PHOTO-PAINT offers a variety of filters to improve the quality of scanned images and special effects filters that give the images a new expressiveness. Corel PHOTO-PAINT has advanced tools to work with text, create shadows and many other features.
Better text tools: Corel PHOTO-PAINT presents new opportunities to work with the text and already known by means of CorelDRAW. For example, the tool Text-On-A-Path allows you to place the text along the curve, leaving the text of the curve and edited separately. The text can be edited after being subjected to transformations such as scaling, skewing, rotation without losing effects. Text objects are updated automatically, so that after applying effects, he immediately redrawn. Anti-Aliasing has been improved, particularly in relation to the text size.

Smooth, fast screen updates: In Corel PHOTO-PAINT is applied new means of caching the screen (display-caching). Display caching allows panaramirovat increase and change in real time, even for large images. All the online tools use these new opportunities, providing RealTime Preview to view the effect before applying it.

Hide Active Object: A new powerful addition to the Corel PHOTO-PAINT. This new feature allows you to hide items and changes in the image listed in the dockers Object. With this feature, users can create objects, view the history of the changes and create a scenario of "what if".

Useful photo effects: Corel PHOTO-PAINT can handle photographs by different means. With one click you can apply various effects such as, Red Eye Removal, replacing the red eye color, user-defined. Another new effect is the Smart Blur, providing better control of image blur. This tool allows you to obtain images with sharp edges and washed out the filling and gives finer control over the degree of blur.

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