ClickBook is an award winning booklet printing application, made by Blue Squirrel, that saves you both time and money. ClickBook can save you up to 75% on ink and paper. ClickBook also offers the convenience of printing your own booklets or brochures, saving you time and money.No more searching for or purchasing different bulletins or brochures for every occasion, or running around town looking for a local printing shop to print your booklets. Simply create the brochure, bulletins, or booklets you want and print them in ClickBook using any of the 170+ different layouts (50+ for the Mac).

• 64-Bit OS Compatible.(Vista and Windows 7) NEW!
• Image removal saves time and expensive ink.NEW!
• Reverse Printing. NEW!
• New ZINE Layout!NEW!
• Updated PDF ConverterNEW!
• Improved Preview with Magnified Zoom - up to 800% and Keyboard shortcuts. NEW!
• Updated Macro SecurityNEW!
• Quick Click Printers to instantly print booklets, brochures and pdfs.
• Vista and Windows 7 Compatible.
• Instantly e-mail PDF files to family, and friends.
• Works with any Inkjet or Laser printer.
• Hand Fed Tray - Now you can use the hand fed tray and the paper drawer with ClickBook.
• Convert booklets to PDFs.
• Rearrange print order of each mini-page in a booklet.
• Print multi-page Banners and Posters.
• Use 75% less paper with booklet printing!
• Walks you through double-sided printing.
• Prints 170+ different styles!
• Rotates, reduces & realigns documents automatically.
• Combine files from different applications into a single printout.
• Save time and money.
• One-click to Add or Delete a Page.
• Sample documents.
• One-click booklet printing from Microsoft Office applications.