Zoner Photo Studio Pro

Perfect Pics in Just a Few Clicks! Zoner Photo Studio 18 will help you with photos. Everything from downloading onto your computer to editing and sharing, all in one place. Sometimes a shot isn't quite right, or you need to emphasize something in a picture. With Zoner Photo Studio you'll get it done quicker than you can say "Yosemite."

Zoner Photo Studio 18: A Modern Classic
We've joined dozens of years of experience with the trends of today. Take a look at how Zoner Photo Studio 18 will make your work with photos easier

Simpler Than Ever
Your favorite features are now closer at hand. We've also freed up screen space for your pictures and eased navigation.

A Better Catalog with New Tricks
You can browse your photos by folder, by date, or by keyword. The Catalog in Zoner Photo Studio 18 now supports removable disks, and its Quick Search offers suggestions while you type.

Non-destructive Edits
The new Develop module lets you work with every picture format, including RAW, while leaving your original untouched. Zoner Photo Studio remembers all of your edits here and lets you undo or change them at any time.

A Standalone Viewer
Working outside Zoner Photo Studio and want to view a picture instantly? Now you can. With no distractions, and easy-to-reach fullscreen. See something to edit? One click takes you to the full Zoner Photo Studio 18.

HD Videos from Your Photos
You can turn your photos into fantastic video slideshows with music and effects, from right inside the program. Arrange photos on the video timeline however you want, then create the video, then show it off on a TV, on the Web... almost anywhere!

Minimum System Requirements:
- OS: Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 or 64 bits)
- Processor: Intel or AMD with SSE2 support
- Memory: 2 GB RAM
- Hard Disk: min. 350 MB free disk space
- Resolution: 1200 × 800 and up

What’s New in Zoner Photo Studio 18:
* Exposure Gradient Filter: Let both your skies and your landscapes shine, with no loss of detail.
* Smart Automatic Edits: Use the Editor’s new Automatic button to set up a great look in one click—and fine-tune it from there.
* More Muscle for RAW Exposure Edits: Improved control over exposure, shadows, light, curves, and clarity.
* Great RAW Previewing: Your changes to RAW files show up in the Manager and in all previews immediately.
* Faster Photo Import: Your camera’s photos now load lightning-fast. And you can tag and rename pictures right as you’re importing them!
* Better Browsing: The improved Catalog indexes all your photos automatically, making your work lightning-fast.
* New Ways to Get Creative: Give your photos lens flare, make them look like comics with the Cartoon filter, or experiment with a high-pass filter. You’ll find it all in the Editor.
* Stamp Out Duplicates: Get rid of pointless extra copies that just eat up space. Use the new Duplicates tool to easily find and handle identical files.
* Keyword Hinting: Tag your pictures faster. Hinting makes keyword-tagging your photos a breeze.
* Powerful Previews While You Browse: Check your pictures in a souped-up Preview pane next to the Browser. Zoom and pan it, and preview blowout whenever you need.
* Easier Photo Rating: Rating photos is simpler than thanks to simplified shortcuts and easy-to-read star ratings.
* Your Photos in Your Living Room: Share your photos on any DLNA device in your network – your phone, TV, tablet, or another computer.
* Easier Work with Your Photos: With our new simplified look, your photos are the star of the show.
* Multi-photo Information: You can now see summary information when you have multiple photos selected.
* LCP Profile Correction for Lens Defects: Our new LCP profile support helps you automatically correct lens defects.
* More Responsive on Networks: New optimizations make your work with photos on networked storage up to 35% faster.
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