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Main features:

Tabbed Browsing: Have an unlimited number of tabs to make jumping around between folders a one-click affair. Rename the tabs, drag-shift them around, hide them, lock them, drag and drop files onto the tab headers... the tabs remember their configuration individually and between sessions, and multiple selections are retained on tab switches.

Searches in Tabs: You often search your system for files added in the last 24 hours? You quickly need a list of all text files containing your name? Let a "finding tab" do this or any other search job at a single click!

The Address Bar accepts not just folders, but also files, URLs, and search terms. Yes, you can enter search patterns directly into the Address Bar. Simply put "?" between location and search pattern (Boolean operators and Regular Expressions allowed).

The Tree and List offer a suite of unique highlighting options to increase visual grip. Highlight Folder, Boxed Branch, Favorite Folder Bold, Highlight Focused Row, Highlight Sorted Column, Colored Grid, ... all colors are fully customizable.

Info Panel: The hideable tabbed panel at the bottom provides quick access to information (file properties and previews) and action (Find Files, Reports).

Find Files: XYplorer features a high-end search engine with tremendous power and amazing speed. It fully supports Boolean Logic, advanced pattern matching, Regular Expressions, Boolean RegExp (the Boolean combination of any number of Regular Expressions), whole word and fuzzy matching, content search (look for text strings inside files, wildcards supported), multiple location search, a Duplicate File Finder, and much more...

It's a non-indexed search, so your search results are always live and up-to-date.

You can save your current search settings to a Search Template or in a Finding Tab for later one-click re-use. Very handy with complex search patterns or distributed search locations.

Configurable Toolbar: A configurable toolbar where most buttons have a specific right-click menu. Additionally many buttons feature a dropdown menu; the Up button...
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