xScope v3.6.3

Created specifically for designers & developers, xScope is a powerful
set of tools that are ideal for measuring, inspecting & testing on-screen graphics and layouts. xScope is a powerful set of tools for designers
that are ideal for measuring, aligning and inspecting on-screen graphics
and layouts.

Key features of "xScope":


• Find the dimensions of anything on screen instantly

• Find distance between objects quickly & easily

• Shink mode "lassos" objects to find width & height

• Copy captured dimensions to the clipboard

• Create screen shots of any measured element


• Powerful on-screen rulers for pixel measurements

• Fully adjustable horizontal & vertical lengths

• Rulers can span multiple monitors

• Snap ruler height, length & rotation to set increments

• Full 360 degree rotation range

• Displays deltas for rotated rulers


• Easily see the usable real estate for any screen size

• Pre-defined screen templates or create your own

• Displays usable screen content areas for Mac or Win

• Templates for the iPhone & Windows Mobile

• Pre-defined content area settings for latest browsers

• Define custom area settings for any OS or browser


• Magnify any portion of the screen under your mouse

• Displays color under your cursor in RGB, HSB or HEX

• Displays co-ordinates of mouse cursor for reference

• Copy and paste Loupe infomation (image, color, etc)

• Loupe selections for pixel accurate measurements

• The content of the window or the mouse position can be locked


• Vertical & horizontal guides that float on top of all else on the screen

• Displays guide position in pixels when placed

• Displays distance between guides in pixels

• Save & load guide positions for later reference

• Link and move multiple guides at the same time

• Supports double monitor environments


• Adjustable marker boxes float on top of the screen

• Display preset grids to help compose frame layouts

• Link and move multiple frames at the same time

• Create, move, duplicate & edit frames at will

• Displays frames origin, aspect ratio, width & height

• Save & load frame positions for later reference


• Reports the co-ordinate position of the mouse cursor

• Set any point on the screen as the origin
WHAT'S NEW Version 3.6.3:
• SmartTools no longer steal keyboard focus from the app being selected
• Fixed some tools that weren't remembering their visibility across launches
• Fixed a check of the Spaces configuration when displaying preferences

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