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Xplorer² - is a file and information manager that adheres to the philosophy "efficiency through simplicity". Without reinventing the wheel, it integrates the best features of Windows' shell architecture in a small, resource efficient package that's instantly familiar to work with. But look a little closer and you'll discover a whole new world under the surface that offers power, precision and flexibility, and will boost your everyday productivity no end!

Reclaim control of your files!
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Changes in xplorer², 6 Sept 2013:
* [P] robust MOVE now works even if you are moving to the same partition (drive letter), as long as you specify a filter in the dialog. Supply a fake filter like “*” if you don’t really need filtering but you need robustness. Note that this kind of Move operation is going to be SLOWER than a simple drag-drop on the same partition — but you asked for it :)
* [P] registry option GIOPT_ROBUSTMOVE (=268435456) makes F6 move commands always go “robust” but at the great expense of speed. Available through Tools > Advanced options menu command (Layout page).
* [P] Robust file operations in silent mode are not halted for any messages as long as there are queued jobs waiting. This means you can queue jobs and go away. At the very end you will see a summary of errors (if any).
* Mark > Sync wizard dialog has a field to ignore a prescribed date difference (it applies when modification date is used for comparisons). Tick it to consider files within the specified date range as identical, or clear the checkbox to use the default +/- 2 seconds tolerance.
* [P] When using robust copy , if there is a filename collision (target file exists), you get a chance to supply a different filename so you can “manually” rename and keep the old target file or folder. Just type in the new filename (no path) and click on YES button. You don’t need to type the extension even! The rename opportunity is offered when the copy options are set to “Ask confirmation” for overwriting existing objects.
* [P] Docking panes like tree have a PIN icon on their titlebar. If you click on the pin you toggle the autohide/docked mode. When set to autohide the panel is minimized, brought into view by hovering the mouse over the panel button (or clicking on the minimized button). Click on the titlebar pin again to fix the panel in docked (expanded) mode.
* Text extraction (search for keywords) works for PDF documents even if you have the latest Adobe reader � but it is recommended you switched to PDF X-change viewer especially if you are on 64 bit windows.
* Background context menu menu (when you click on empty space) on some virtual folders includes an NSE submenu that routes to some special namespace extension commands, e.g. add new secure FTP connection. Several special folders have such commands (requires windows Vista or later)
* [U] Tools > Fast search command more flexible when started from local folders outside the system index like C:\. It will search whatever folders are in the system index, under the current folder.
* Various small bugs fixed
* Quickviewer (Native mode) won’t get in the way when renaming or deleting items; console window likewise won’t block folder delete/rename operations
* Right click on a USB drive icon (e.g. on the drivebar or tree) and use EJECT context menu command to safely remove it. This ensures that xplorer� at least won’t be locking it (but it could be locked by other applications on your system, try the Safe device removal icon on the taskbar notification area too)
* [P] AddressBar filter box works in miniscrap pane too (filter and select modes only), e.g. start typing a filename while the miniscrap has the focus and see what happens.
* Default document categories e.g. {pictures} are recognized as quick filters in the addressbar
* Symbolic links inherit the actual file dates at the time of creation (note the modification dates will diverge in the future)
* Subfolder sizes are calculated automatically (if relevant advanced option is set) even when you aren’t in detailed view mode
* [P] Window > Set title menu command in scrap containers can be used to supply a custom titlebar name. You can also type your text in the addressbar as an alternative means of identification. Useful for multiple scrap windows.
xplorer2 Pro Multilingual (x86/x64) + Keygen-zwt : 4.16 MB
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Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.