Wolfram SystemModeler 12.0.0 (x64)

SystemModeler software for the system and circuit model using objects, templates and custom functions are pre-arranged. With SystemModeler can easily simulate the environment of cyber-physical systems to the design and modeling. This application enables the specific design in the fields of mechanics, biology, chemistry, electrical or heating systems to easily generate. Simply drag and drop operations can have a wide selection of libraries to model multi-domain modeling system designed to Take. Using the power of mathematics used in the program can analyze and Appropriate projects in mind. In Wolfram SystemModeler can easily do your design manually, although it is also possible that the corresponding functions in programming languages ​​to define design.

The application features Wolfram SystemModeler:
-Modeling as drag and drop (Drag & Drop)
-Modeled hierarchically
-Massive library of extensions, and components of free and paid
-Modeling systems and virtual machines in different domains, unlike the limited number of them in the real world
-Designing control systems by the mathematics department
-Translation differential equations models to simulate their immediate

system requirements:
OS:Windows 7 SP1/8/10
-Processor: Intel Pentium IV 1.6 GHz or equivalent
-Disk Space: 2 GB
-System Memory (RAM): 4 GB

Whats New On Wolfram SystemModeler 12.0.0:

-Support for FMI co-simulation export and import
-Significantly improved state selection algorithm
-Equation block browser for debugging and understanding models
-Built-in list of default icons to choose from when creating new models
-Easy disabling and enabling of components in a model through right-click or logical expressions
-Ability to select which view to show when opening a model (diagram, icon, text or documentation)
-Ability to add custom unit conversions
-Line-wrapping of the Modelica Text View and easy toggling of individual annotations
-Improved routing and editing of connection lines
-Clear display of active connector when creating connections
-Improved workflow when creating array connections
-Drastically improved performance of displaying and editing graphical views
-Ability to easily copy models from SystemModeler into Wolfram Language desktop products
-Improved symbolic linearization in the Wolfram Language
-Synchronization of version numbers with the Wolfram Language
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Download Wolfram SystemModeler 12.0.0 (x64) + HTML-Keygen | 196.15 MB
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