WinSnap.v4.0.8 | 2.28 MB

WinSnap enhances the power of your PrintScreen key. It makes your screenshots look more professional and your work even easier.

Non-rectangular shapes and rounded corners

WinSnap can easily take screenshots of non-rectangular and transparent windows and add real smoothing drop shadow effects on-the-fly.

Unique 'Application' capture mode

WinSnap can enumerate and capture all visible windows in the foreground application and combine them into one screenshot. All void space between separate windows can be automatically filled with the background of your choice.

Region selection

Using WinSnap, you can define just a portion of the screen to capture. This is a good way to show a particular part of a website you have found on the Internet.


You can quickly add your signature to the captured snapshots, so everyone will know that it is your image.

Thumbnails and scale option

With WinSnap, you can easily create small thumbnails and automatically resize images to fit the fixed size of your pages.

Pulldown menus for tutorials

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WinSnap can easily capture complex application pulldown menus in order to show a user which menu item to select when performing certain actions.
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