WinReducer 8.1 v1.0 RC 2 Portable | 10Mb

WinReducer8.1 - is a program for creating your own distribution Windows 8.1, where it is possible to eliminate unnecessary programs and components (themes, language packs, fonts), incorporated into the operating system only necessary drivers and updates, customization interface by default, customize the appearance type installer.

In addition, application developers have made the possibility of popular tweaks, such as creating items to shut down and restart the computer in the context menu of Windows Explorer or hide some elements of the new interface.

You first need to prepare the files of the original distribution Windows 8.1: you can copy them to your hard disk or remove from the image. The program requires no installation, just extract the contents of the archive to any folder without spaces in the name and run the executable file for the correct versions of Windows (32 or 64-bittnoy). In the opened window will be prompted for a file folder Windows 8.1 (button Open), choose one of the editors and press the button to start the Mount. Folder location for temporary files (Mount Folder) Do not change, all of its contents will be deleted!

Changes in version 8.1 1.0 RC2
• "Drivers - Hyper-V - Dynamic Memory"
• "Drivers - Hyper-V - Fibre Channel HBA"
• "Drivers - Hyper-V - Generation Counter"
• "Drivers - Hyper-V - Input"
• "Drivers - Hyper-V - Guest"
• "Drivers - Hyper-V - PCI Bus"
• "Drivers - Hyper-V - Storage"
• "Drivers - Hyper-V - VMBus"
• "Drviers - Storage - Smart Array SAS and SATA Controller"
• "Drivers - USB Audio"
• "Services": Black Viper Configuration is available for all WinReducer
• "Tweaks - Explorer - Automatically Expand to Current Folder"
• "Tweaks - Explorer - Remove Shortcut Suffix"
• "Tweaks - Explorer - Show Drive Letters Before Drive Names"
• "Tweaks - Mouse - Set Pointer to Default Button"
• "Tweaks - System - Disable Automatic Defragmentation"
• "Tweaks - System - Disable Ready Boot"
• "Unattended - Activate Auto Activation"
• English language file to v1.00 RC2
• Changed minimum screen size resolution to 1024 * 768
• "Accessories - System Restore": Improve cleanup
• "Control Panels - Sync Center Folder (Files)": Improve cleanup
• "Drivers - Floppy Disk": Improve cleanup
• "Drivers - Hyper-V - Graphic Card": Improve cleanup
• "Drivers - Network - Wireless - Atheros": Improve cleanup
• "Drivers - Storage - Intel": Improve cleanup
• "Drivers - Storage - VIA StorX RAID Controller": Improve cleanup
• "Drivers - Support - Bluetooth": Improve cleanup
• "Features - Windows Defender": Improve cleanup
• "Features - Work Folders": Improve cleanup
• "Services - Printer Support Services": Improve cleanup
• "Services - Superfetch Service": Improve cleanup
• "Services - Windows Time Service": Improve cleanup
• "Services - Windows Error Reporting Service": Improve cleanup
• "Services - Windows Update Service": Improve cleanup
• "Tweaks - Explorer - Hidden Files and Folders (Show)": Name Changed (Take
to your wccf file)
• "Tweaks - Explorer - Hidden System Files (Hide)": Name Changed (Take to
your wccf file)
• "WinReducer Tools - Updates": Improve categories name differences for
Windows Updates (to slipstream automatically) and Executable files (to
launch manually)
• "Appearance - Cursors": Solved minor GUI issues
• "Appearance - File Replacer": Didn't work properly
• "Multimedia - Photo Viewer": "Open with" menu cleanup
• "Multimedia - Photo Viewer": Solved opening picture bug in case you
removed "Services - Printer Support Services"
• "Optimizations - Windows - WinSXS Folder Compression": Fix text
information while executing tasks
• "Tweaks - Explorer - Remove Shortcut Arrow": Didn't work properly. I
totally changed how it works. So a blank file is used to replace the arrow
(In "HOME \ SOFTWARE"). In fact, you could easily customize the shortcut
arrow by replacing it with the one you want. Read the Help Tips for more
• Fix various minor bugs
• Fix WinReducer GUI bugs

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