Wingware Wing IDE Professional 6.0.8-1 Final

Wing IDE Professional is a full-featured Python IDE designed for professional programmers. It includes powerful editor, code intelligence, refactoring, debugging, search, unit testing, project management, and revision control features. The Wing IDE layout is straightforward, with the editor window being its central fixture. Supporting panes, source browser, runtime output and debug panes and so on, are arranged on the periphery.

In the lower right is the eminently useful Source Assistant pane, the Wing IDE's answer to call tips. Begin typing, say, a function call, and the prototype and docstrings information for the corresponding functions are displayed in the Source Assistant. Continue typing, and the likely matches are appropriately reduced. Also, when you click a function name anywhere in the editor (whether at a definition point or a reference point), the function's information is displayed in the Source Assistant. If you select a method, and that method has overridden a parent class method, the Source Assistant displays a clickable link for the location of the overridden method.

Wingware's debugger is highly configurable. For example, you can set the debugger to stop when an exception is raised, but before the except or finally clauses have run; or you can configure the debugger to let those clauses run and then halt execution. Also, you can configure the debugger's watch system to display an object's content only when that object is in context, or hold a reference to the object and show its contents regardless of the current context.

The debugger can handle multithreaded applications, when debugging the target application is halted by, say, a breakpoint, by default the debugger stops all threads and indicates which thread caused the suspension. However, this is configurable so that, if one thread hits a breakpoint, the others can continue to run.

GUI, Web, and script debugging
Exception traceback reporting
View stack, locals/globals, and return value
Supports input() and raw_input()
Integrated debug process I/O with configurable text encoding
Native console I/O
Multi-threaded debugging
Remote debugging
Debug value tooltips
Detect unhandled exceptions
Works with Django, web2py, Flask, Google App Engine, Plone, Turbogears, Zope and Plone
Alter debug data values
Multiple named entry points and debug launch configurations
Interactive debug probe with auto-completion, syntax highlighting, goto-definition, call tips, and documentation links
Convenient Restart Debugging tool
Track values by reference
Evaluate expressions
Conditional breakpoints
Ignore-counted breakpoints
Enable/disable breakpoints
Move debug program counter
Multi-process and automatic child process debugging
Debugs unit tests
Breakpoint manager
Process attach/detach
Inspect sys.modules
Debug Django template files
matplotlib mainloop support
Mark a range of code in the editor for quick reevaluation in Python Shell or Debug Probe

Whats New:

Improved display of docstrings in the Source Assistant when the docstring contains PEP 287 parse warnings and errors, such as some in scipy and numpy
Added option to find uses commands to control whether the search includes all project files and/or the current file
Option to add new editor tabs on the left when they are not kept in alphabetical order
Option to set the acceptible error level for PEP 287 parse errors in the Source Assistant's right-click context menu
Track a file's Properties across file renames

Always add .wpr and .wpu to new project filenames if not already present
Remove .pyc/.pyo files from disk when renaming Python files so Python 2 does not continue to use them

Bug Fixes:
Fix remote debugging of Django code
Fix upper-case, lower-case and similar commands when used on 2+ selections
Fix vi mode :'a,'b and :`a,`b for referencing mark names (patched in 6.0.7)
Don't fail to show Source Assistant data for some data types that are provided by extension modules, such as numpy's ufunc
Improve remote host connection healing after network errors (patched in 6.0.7)
Don't try to use non-default Version Control Executable preferences on a remote host
Allow focus into the Debug I/O tool for remote processes even if preference to use an external console has been enabled
Correctly terminate remote debug processes initiated through the remote agent
Optimize accessing recent lists, which could slow down most IDE functionality patched in 6.0.7)
Fix auto-perspectives to ignore debug processes for the Python Shell (patched in 6.0.7)
Avoid problems stopping debug on systems with non-utf-8 default encoding (patched in 6.0.7)
Avoid failure to exit seen in some cases (patched in 6.0.7)
Fix broken links in documentation
Update window title after last document closes
Fix failure when a launch configuration is deleted
Fix setting up document type, indent style, and folding correctly for some remote files
Fix creating new files on a remote host with open-from-keyboard
Fix problems seen when switching among remote projects quickly
Adjust breakpoint line numbers correctly in multi-line assignments to match the lines actually visited by the Python interpreter
Avoid breaking remote debug when wingbase.miscutils is included in a patch
Update project file lists correctly when directory content changes on remote hosts
Fix problems in tracking external change notifications on remote files
Don't unselect occurrences in the editor when there is output in the Debug I/O tool
Fix rename of remote project files to correctly track open editors to the new file
Allow up to 60 seconds for each remote agent install step to complete
Avoid harmless exception seen when running all unit tests and aborting
Fix incorrect syntax highlighting in Django templates with {{ }} or {% %} inside a {# #} comment
Fix searching in files that contain form feed characters
Fix the popup menu in top right of the multi-selections window to close correctly
Fix vi visual mode caret movement with H, Ctrl-H, L, 0, ^, _, $, g0, g^, and g$
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