Windows SP3 IE8 WMP11 XPBT-2014 OEM Drivers Full-Enabled

Manufacturer: Microsoft
Platform: Pc
Style: Operating System
Release: 2014
Languages​​: avi
Format: Iso
Size: MB 697
Trigger: On Automatically

Description: WinXPBTProSP3IE8WMP11-FullDrivers2014 AllHotifix, on x86 architecture fully with all hotifix and updates, until this date (12/04/2014) recognizing drivers sata, ata, pata raid and many others ... Recognizing also: Network Lan, Wireless and Audio, Super updated and pre-activated.

Windows XPBT SP3 IE8 WMP11- Full Drivers 2014 OEM-Ativado

Fabricante: Microsoft
Plataforma: Pc
Estilo: Sistema Operacional
Lançamento: 2014
Ídiomas: PTBR
Formato: Iso
Tamanho: 697 MB
Ativador: Ativado Automaticamente

Descrição: WinXPBTProSP3IE8WMP11-FullDrivers2014 AllHotifix , na arquitetura x86 totalmente com todos hotifix e updates, ate data presente (12-04-2014) reconhecendo drivers sata, ata,pata raid e muitos outros… Reconhecendo tambem: Network Lan, Wireless e Audio, Super atualizado e pre-Ativado.

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