Windows EducationPack Complete (2011)

Windows EducationPack Complete (2011) | 4.32 GB
Single Extraction - InterChangable - No Password

Purpose: all for education, science, programming and organization of educational process
Excellent for schools like any category: education (including junior), high schools, colleges, universities, ...
Description: OpenSource (ACT) is not just Linux, as many are accustomed to think.
With OpenSource, you can work well even if you are running Windows.
Windows EducationPack - a specialized supplement designed to help in the formation and organization of educational process. This is a broad and complete set of programs that are successfully used in European educational institutions for primary, middle and high school and colleges, as well as higher education institutions such as colleges and universities.

Given the large difference between the specific technical characteristics used in educational institutions, computers (from mild to advanced), our solution includes distributions systems xUbuntu and Ubuntu, which will install it on most types of computers.

Programs are free functional equivalents of expensive software. Thus, we seek to help and give educational institutions a cheaper alternative to expensive software that will meet all necessary requirements and help in the formation and organization of educational process.
Using Windows EducationPack You get:
- A wide choice of free software for education;
- Economic benefits.
Most of the programs presented on the disc also has both Windows and Linux platforms.
So it's no problem in further work with them on Windows and Linux platforms.
The kit contains over 75 applications for education and training institutions.

Among them:
- Control of computers students a teacher;
- The control system and training on-line; collective teaching, research and testing;
- Creation of timetables for educational institutions of the load on teachers;
- A set of administrative software for schools;
- Educational games for children from 2 years of age (memory, attention);
- Programs for the study of algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry, geography, astronomy, etc.;
- Visual development environment for the programming languages ??C , C #, Mono, Pascal, Java;

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and also:
- The dynamic geometry environment; solution and graphing of mathematical expressions; computer algebra system (CAS)
- A package of applied mathematics program, which provides a powerful environment for engineering (technical) and scientific computing;
- Drawing and calculations of chemical structures, and view macro-molecules and the preparation for publication of their images, diagrams and editor chemical reactions;
- Schematic creation of electronic circuits, graphic simulations of computer networks and electrical circuits;
- A digital oscilloscope, the design of electronic devices and printed circuit boards;
- Work with digital maps (GIS);
- Training program memory, hearing and vision.

Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.

Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.