Winclone 4.4

Winclone allows you to clone your Boot Camp partition and now
includes Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 cloning!

New Machine Setup a breeze - If you are in charge of setting up a
bunch of machines with both Mac OS X and Boot Camp, Winclone
will make your job a breeze. Simply create an image as your would
for a backup, and Winclone will create the Windows partition and
restore the OS and data onto the new partition.

Quick Lab Deployment - Deploy images with ARD: Using the included
script and the image created with Winclone, you can easily send a
new Winclone image to a group of Intel Macs, imaging the entire
lab in minutes.


Clone Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 with ease.
Clone to your Boot Camp partition either on a separate drive or on the same that contains your Mac OS X partition.
Creates image documents that can be stored on any media and double-clicked to open in WinClone.
Verbose logging so you know what is going on.
Built on the open source ntfstools, which are included in Winclone, so you don't have to install anything else.
Fast: Restore a 10 GB image in less than 10 minutes.
Create a Boot Camp partition from within Winclone.
Do it all from the boot drive: You don't need to boot from a Firewire drive to clone the Windows partition.
Clean and uncomplicated interface

What's New Version 4.4:
EFI booting and network fixes

Lang: Englisch
Size: 10 MB
Format: .dmg
Hoster: Uploaded

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